Do you want to be an Indonesian employee to get better economic opportunities or do you want to be an employee at an Indonesian embassy abroad? Then you must know how to transfer money from abroad to Indonesia. Because of course it’s useless to get a salary abroad but can’t send it to your loved family, right?

The problem is that not every commercial bank in Indonesia has branches overseas. Therefore, there are many parties involved in the process of sending money from abroad. Also, the money sent is not in rupiah. but foreign currency Therefore, it must be exchanged first.

This money transfer service to and from overseas is known as money transfer or money transfer. So how do I transfer money from overseas to Indonesia? Here’s the description:

1. Using the Bank

Even though they don’t have branches abroad. But many commercial banks in Indonesia have partnered with foreign banks to provide money transfer services. These banks include BRI, Mandiri, BCA, BNI and many others. Here’s how to send money from abroad to Indonesia:

  1. Prepare proof of identity such as your ID card, driver’s license or passport.
  2. visit partner company from the bank you use, if you use BRI Bankthen visit partner company BRI
  3. Fill out the Send Money Overseas form. In this case, write down the payee’s name, address, and account. (It may be the same bank or different banks). Don’t forget to enter. Bank SWIFT Code related.
  4. Submit the form with the money you will send to the relevant staff.
  5. The delivery process is complete.

to make sure the money comes in or not You can ask your family in Indonesia to check their bank balance. You must know that the process of sending money from abroad can take several days. Although now there is a money transfer service with on-time data transfer.

2. Using Western Union

The second way to transfer money from abroad to Indonesia is through the services of Western Union. Western Union is a US based financial company founded in 1856.

Over 150 years of operation The company’s services cover 200 countries around the world. including Indonesia in indonesia One of these companies is collaborating with the post office. So your family can check the receipt of the money you send via Western Union at the nearest post office.

So how do I send money using Western Union? Here’s how:


  1. Visit the nearest Western Union office.
  2. Fill out the money transfer form.
  3. Show your ID, such as your ID card, driver’s license, or passport.
  4. Send money you send and receive receipts and MTCN MTCN is the money transfer control number.
  5. Provide your family’s MTCN number so they can see how far the transfer process has progressed.


  1. Create an account on wu.com or the Western Union app.
  2. Select the destination country and the amount you wish to send.
  3. This amount can be received in your family bank account, digital wallet, or the nearest Western Union agent. Shipping options are limited. Depending on the region and country So please check which Western Union services are available in your area first.

The time it takes to send money using this US company’s service varies depending on the payment method. If your family wants to receive money using a bank account. This process typically takes 1-5 business days.

3. Using MoneyGram

Another US multinational that offers money transfer services is MoneyGram. Like Western Union, this company also cooperates with several banks and post offices in Indonesia. So how to send money from abroad this way?


  1. Visit the nearest MoneyGram branch office.
  2. Complete the money transfer form.
  3. Transfer money to relevant officials
  4. The staff will give you a unique 8 digit number. You must give this number to the payee so they can see how far the transfer process goes.


  1. Create an account in the MoneyGram app or website.
  2. choose select recipient or send to someone new.
  3. Select the source of the funds you wish to send.
  4. Enter the recipient’s information. Start with your full name and account number. to the mobile phone number (for some countries)
  5. Review the information and click Submit.

4. Using the Wise App

The Wise app, also known as Transwise, is an international money transfer application founded in 2011 by two Estonians, Taavet and Kristo. This application is used by millions of people around the world.

because when using it You’ll know how much your family will earn at the market exchange rate. The smart app also uses a transparent transaction fee system. So how to send money using this application?

  1. Create your account on the Wise website or app.
  2. Go to the homepage and click send money.
  3. Enter the amount to transfer
  4. Choose a transfer method
  5. Complete the transfer form
  6. Enter your payee information.
  7. Double check the transfer information.
  8. Choose a payment method.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. complete the process You and the payee will receive a transfer notification via the app or an email notification.

The recipient can expect to receive the money you send in as little as 1 business day.

To choose one of the above methods You should consider several things such as:

  1. The distance from your offline office location to where you live abroad.
  2. The distance from the payee’s office from the family residence in Indonesia
  3. Does your family have a bank account or mobile bank account to check balances instantly?
  4. Shipping costs. Each transfer method has different shipping costs. When choosing which service to use Try asking your service provider about this fee.
  5. delivery time The timing of the transfer delivery can take between one business day to several business days. Make sure before sending money. So that your family won’t go to the bank to check the balance. especially if the house is far from the bank.

That’s the way to send money from abroad to Indonesia. Make sure you choose a money transfer service provider that operates legally in Indonesia. Because you don’t feel pity or that the money you send has to be lost in the middle of the road because you chose the wrong transfer company?


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