When withdrawing cash, the problem that usually arises is that the money from the ATM does not come out, but the balance is decreasing. This rarely happens all of a sudden. In fact, most people panic fearing that their balance will not be credited back to their account. Therefore, it is necessary to know what causes it and how to fix these problems if they occur again whenever.

Falling balance even if a failed transaction is a confusing event. But the best way is not to panic about it too much. Find out why and how to deal with ATM money not coming out but balance decreasing in the description below.

The reason why the money at the ATM does not come out but the balance decreases

When a transaction fails But you realize that your account balance has decreased. You don’t need to panic. There are many reasons this could happen..

What makes the money at the ATM not come out but the balance decreases? Money that hasn’t come out of the ATM, can I return it? Check out the description below for more clarity!

1. Broken ATM

The reason why the money at the ATM did not come out in the first place, the balance decreased, was because the ATM machine was broken. The reason for this is that it happens quite often. As a result, the customer failed to complete the transaction. especially cash withdrawals

Some of the ATMs that were damaged were not posted with a warning that they were under repair. Therefore, not everyone knows this. If you face this problem You don’t need to panic and immediately check your account for mutations before exiting the cash machine.

If you make a cash withdrawal at a machine located in the bank’s office area and during business hours There’s nothing wrong with reporting the problem directly to the bank. But if you encounter problems outside business hours and your location is far from the bank office. See next description for how to cope.

2. Medium commercial banking system go down or maintain

In addition to the ATM machine being repaired. Sometimes the money at the ATM doesn’t come out, but the balance actually drops, possibly because the bank’s system is malfunctioning. go down or maintain. This often happens. This results in the failure of the customer to complete the transaction. especially when withdrawing cash

Usually when the banking system crashes maintain, Times are unpredictable and sometimes invisible only from an ATM. This is usually only visible when you check in. mobile banking

maintenance The banking system usually doesn’t last long. It usually takes only a few hours, so if you experience a cash withdrawal failure. But the balance has really dropped, you don’t need to panic. Because the money can still be returned according to the amount of the lost balance.

How to deal with money that the ATM does not come out but the balance is reduced

The above causes of debiting but money not coming out of the ATM often occur to customers, especially during repairs. There is no need to panic when you experience it. Make sure your mind stays calm while dealing with it.

What to do the next time something like this happens? How to deal with money that the ATM does not come out but the amount is reduced, don’t panic!

1. Wait a moment at the ATM.

When you feel that your account balance has decreased but the cash withdrawal has failed. You shouldn’t panic, take it easy and wait at the ATM to see if the cash still comes out.

Sometimes, not all ATMs process fast cash withdrawals. Some cabinets take a while (not because maintain or error). Try to be patient for 2-3 minutes, but if after 5 minutes, the money still doesn’t come out immediately. Let’s look at the mutation of the account to see if the balance has decreased or not.

While waiting for the money to come out, insert your ATM card back into the machine and check your account for balance information. so that it can be reported to the bank Print receipts to report recent transactions with the bank.

2. Report to the bank

If the money still hasn’t left the ATM, the next step is to report it directly to the bank. If the cash withdrawal facility is near a bank office should promptly report the problem so that it can be followed up in a timely manner But if it’s far away, let me know through. call center It’s official.

When making a report to the bank, include evidence in the form of data on recent cash withdrawal transactions in the form of receipts and account changes. If you report to the bank You should only do this during business hours. This applies both online and in person at the office. The process is quick and the account balance will return even if the transaction fails.

3. Wait for the report processed by the bank.

Did you try to report to the bank because the balance was deducted? Don’t worry as the process doesn’t take long. It usually only lasts a few hours depending on the cause. Your balance will be returned to the final cash withdrawal amount. Either cash or transfer to the account

If the money has not been returned There’s nothing wrong with trying to contact the bank again for clarification. The procedure usually doesn’t differ much between banks. The most important thing is to attach proof of recent transaction such as account mutation, account number, time and place of transaction information, etc. upon request.

4. Check the cash withdrawal receipt at the ATM.

Don’t forget to print your cash withdrawal receipt at the ATM if the transaction is unsuccessful but your account balance is reduced. The receipt will contain information about the last transaction. Amount of cash withdrawal ATM number, location, time (hour and date) of transaction

Not used to printing receipts every time you do an ATM transaction? Try it when you notice a decrease in your account balance. Look at your account statement and print it out.

5. Save transaction details and photos of ATM machines.

How to deal with ATM money, other than printing receipts Be sure to note the transaction details and photos of the ATM. ATM photos will definitely show the machine number. to make it easier for the bank to investigate the problem later

Record transaction details in the form of date, time, ATM location, number of cash withdrawal transactions, account number, and others. After that, contact the bank via call center or come directly to the branch office during business hours

When withdrawing cash at an ATM but it fails and the balance actually drops, don’t be afraid, the money will be returned. This process may be quick or may take longer depending on the cause. It may be that the system has stopped working. go down or the ATM is under repair

when this happens You don’t need to panic. Report complaints to the bank instantly both online and offline. by attaching evidence both transferring money to the account Print ATM receipts and other information. requested by the bank

If you experience this again in the future Follow the method above and focus on thinking. Hope these tips help!


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