One of highlights that Microsoft announced on developer events in May 2023 was the Microsoft Store upgrade, where Microsoft will provide a number of improvements including the AI ​​Hub which has now released for Insidersthen there is review summary / reviews generated by AI technology.

Image : Neowin

As shown above, a review of an application will begin to be summarized based on the number reviews from users using AI technology.

This improvement itself is intended so that later users can more easily find out the conclusions from review an application that many users add, in other words users can better understand the opinions of other users about certain applications or games with faster results from the help of this AI.

It seems that this change itself has been made available to all Windows Insider users in the US, but unfortunately it is not clear whether this change will be present in other regions with different languages ​​or not.

So what do you think about this change? Comment below guys and give your opinion.

via: Neowin


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