For you Windows 11 Insider Beta users, some time ago Microsoft released update KB5018490 which with this update, the OS build will change to 22623,746. And besides, there are a number of interesting changes for us to discuss this time.

Okay, first and foremost is the presence system tray updates in Windows 11, where with this update, users can do rearrage neatly as in the following image.

The changes include the icon . section arrow ^ now featured with rounded corner as well as new, smoother animations, including when doing rearrage icons in the system tray.

This capability has actually been presented since Build 22623,730 and Build 25211 (for Insider Dev Channel), but until now these features and capabilities are still being rolled out in stages for a select number of Insider users only. (unless you activate it on ViveTool, the steps will follow, guys).

Furthermore, in addition to the presence of these capabilities, especially for you users of Windows 11 Build 22623, there are improvements to the features Tablet-optimized taskbar where the issue of the gesture not working has now been fixed.

In addition, there is also a fix for users who enable the “automatically hide the taskbar” option, which finds the taskbar suddenly hidden when the user right-clicks on an area. system trays.

Okay, enough for Build 22623, because as we know, there are two versions that are presented for Windows 11 Insider Beta users, namely in addition to 22623,746, there are also 22621,746 with no improvements and fixes above.

For users 22621,746 and 22623,746, there are other fixes which include:

  • We enabled the ms-appinstaller Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) to work for the DesktopAppInstaller.
  • We fixed an issue that affects the Windows Search service. Indexing progress is slow when you use the service.

In addition to these brief fixes, a number of known issues were announced, including audio which doesn’t work for some Insider beta users, dragging the system tray icon sometimes makes it not responding, and some other bugs that are still the same as those present in Build 22623,730 yesterday.

Now, let’s go, for you Windows 11 Insider Beta Channel users, you can go directly to the page Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates, then please download the KB5018490 update which is available there.

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