One of the banking facilities that customers can take advantage of is direct debit. With this system, your payment process will be simplified. Now you don’t have to worry anymore and there will be no missed payments.

But is this payment system so easy to work with? To get answers you can listen to this article. It will discuss its meaning, advantages, how it works, and tips for using automatic debit cards. Listen to the end!

Definition of automatic debit

Autodebet is a system that allows you to pay automatically. Autodebit is often used for bills that are paid regularly over a period of time.

to run this system It is necessary to have an agreement between the two parties, namely the client and the institution providing this system, regarding the nominal amount and timing of automatic payments. Can be used to pay monthly service fees such as contributions to BPJS, electricity bills credit card and so on

Normally, after successful automatic debit The customer will receive a notification that the transaction was successful. can pass notification mobile banking, SMS or through a deposit account so that customers know what transactions are being made

Advantages of Direct Debit

Now that you know the meaning of autodebit, you probably already know what advantages this system has. Here are the benefits of direct debit you need to know!

1. Easier to manage finances

The advantage of an automated debit card system is that it makes it easier for you to manage your finances. when you receive salary The first thing you want to do is buy what you want. Yes, that’s not wrong. But sometimes, because you are so focused on it that you forget the bill to pay.

In the end, several bills disappeared from the proceeds. With the auto-debit system, transactions will be made immediately upon the specified time. Therefore, you will not miss the bill that needs to be paid anymore.

2. Avoid extra expenses

Another function of having an automated debit card system is that you can save more money by avoiding additional fees. The reason for this is when you have an invoice for overdue payments. A fine will be charged. with this single system You can set a timer to make payments on time.

Additionally, with this system, you don’t have to pay directly for additional costs to purchase stamps or letter of agreement and so on.

3. Maintain your creditworthiness.

In addition to being able to avoid additional costs from the loan that is made. Loan’s direct debit function also makes your credit more reliable. The reason is, of course, that you always pay these bills on time.

Paying bills on time is an indicator of high credit credibility. Make it easier for you if one day you want to apply for a loan again for the purpose of expanding your business.

4. paperless

with this payment system You no longer need a written contract. The entire proof can be downloaded and left only to show. so this system paperless This means you are helping the environment by reducing paper waste.

Disadvantages of Direct Debit

Of course, everything else has its advantages. There are also disadvantages. What are the disadvantages of the auto-debit system? Check it out below!

1. Payment already paid

One disadvantage of this system is payments that may have already been paid. Since this is a system when credit is paid But the settings haven’t changed. Upon maturity, funds will still be withdrawn. Of course, this was a very risky thing. Especially for those who are not too careful.

Withdraw money even when paying in installments is difficult The problem is that refunds require a long and complicated process. It will take you a lot of time to get your money back.

2. Risk double pay

The system is essentially a man-made machine that isn’t perfect. Therefore, there is a risk of making mistakes. doesn’t scare you But deciding to use automatic debit means you have to be aware of the risks. double pay. You can pay the bill twice due to a system error.

3. Difficult to change to manual

Finally, the downside that may be felt when an agreement is reached between both parties to use the auto-debit system is that it is difficult to revert to the manual system. Because basically there is already a written agreement that you will pay with one system.

To change with a manual system is often more difficult. You will be asked to take steps that will drain your energy and time. Therefore, it is better to consider the pros and cons of something before deciding to use it.

How does Autodebit work?

Now you know the advantages of direct debit. To give you a better understanding of this automatic payment. You can observe below how auto debit works. As an example, we will show you how auto debit works for: BPJS Kesehahtan.

  1. Determine the bill to be provided, for example BPJS. You can visit intermediary applications, Mobile JKN or BPJS Health website.
  2. You can register through the menu. Then enter the required information.
  3. After that, you can choose which banks you want to use for automatic payments. can be adapted to the account you have You will be asked to enter your card information, account information, mobile phone number along with an OTP.
  4. after successful registration Now all your BPJS payments will be automatic. Therefore, if payment is due Funds are withdrawn directly from the registered account. You will then be notified in writing via mobile bankingEmail or SMS

Tips for using Autodebit

In order for this auto debit feature to work efficiently, You have to use it wisely. Here are some tips for using automatic debit cards. Read more below!

Arrange bills to be paid

You can make automatic payments with this system. But don’t forget which bill to pay. Take a loan or credit for useful items. To grow your business or in urgent situations

Avoid using credit for tertiary goods only to prioritize your reputation. Because of course it will be a burden especially if it is not in line with your affordability. In the end, there will be a large debt, life is not peaceful.

Make sure the time and amount of payment is correct.

For those who are not careful You may want to be careful with the times and amounts when setting up direct debits. Prevents you from making missed and wrong payments, such as account mismatches or overpayment amounts.

So, here are some insights, advantages, and how the auto-debit system works. One of the payment facilities that must be used properly. If you really want You can try it now. Good luck!


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