An interesting piece of information comes from Jordy Ribas Head of Engineering and Product for Bing, where according to his posting on Twitter, Bing Image Creator has now gained up to 30% more efficient time when creating an image.

Now, as in the post that was shared, we can see that Bing’s response time in generating images is now indeed faster than before, where the process takes a little longer.

Although ability generate This image is indeed not popular for use in Bing Chat, but of course this ability is quite interesting especially with the introduction of Bing Chat via Windows Copilot in Windows 11 Insider Dev 23493, users can more easily access this feature directly from Windows 11.

So, will the capabilities of Bing Chat continue to be improved?, the answer is of course yes, and in the future there will be other interesting features that will be introduced by Microsoft, are there any features that you hope are present in Bing Chat? Comment below guys and give your opinion.

Via: Jordi RIbas (Twitter)


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