Normally customers have to come to the bank to create an account during bank business hours and this is not possible on holidays, but now the process of creating an ATM or account, especially a BRI, can be done online. Thus, customers do not have to come to the branch office during business hours. This saves time and energy by not having to wait in line for too long.

It is very easy to create an online BRI ATM as long as you have prepared all the necessary file requirements. The process is fast and safe. This can be done at home by visiting the official website of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) to open a new account.

Bank BRI is always innovating to make it easier for customers to access banking services. One of which is opening a new account. for more details Find out how to easily create a BRI ATM online. with the following requirements

BRI ATM at a glance

BRI ATM is a banking service from Rakyat Bank Indonesia in the form of a machine that is accessible to carry out various transactions From money transfers, bill payments, travel tickets to cash withdrawals. The presence of BRI ATMs has really helped community activities. They are also present in almost every region in Indonesia. especially in remote areas

Many people wonder how to create a BRI account online because not everyone can come directly to the bank during business days and hours. Therefore, many people hope that best state bank Provide online account opening service to make it really work, no time wasted, only energy.

Making a BRI ATM card can be done online. as long as it meets the requirements requested by the bank Even when making ATM cards online, customer data is safe and counterfeiting can be avoided as BRI has applied technological innovations in the form of facial recognition supported by PERURI (Republic of Indonesia Money Printing) and data. Personal is guaranteed to be safe as well.

Moreover, the process of doing BRI ATM online is quite fast. You don’t need to queue for too long, like when you do it at the bank. It only takes five minutes. You can create a new account through BRI’s official website, so make sure you have all the necessary documents ready to create a new ATM and a stable internet connection.

BRI Bank offers a wide range of savings options for its customers. However, there are a few savings accounts that can be opened online: Simpedes, BritAma Bisnis, BritAma X (BritAma Muda), and BritAma Savings. The requirements are relatively simple. This means that you only need your ID card and a valid mobile phone number to create a new account. Then the initial deposit must be made in accordance with the relevant requirements.

Requirements for doing BRI ATM online

There are many advantages. especially in terms of time and effort. Creating an online ATM account, or BRI, is a way to make it easier for customers to open a new account.

You must meet the following requirements to register for BRI online savings:

  • original ID card
  • Active mobile number
  • TIN, if applicable
  • Fill out the e-form to open an account.
  • Initial deposit based on savings type
  • Stable internet connection
  • BRImo account

The entire process of creating a new ATM is performed online. So you need to prepare a stable internet connection because later customer service BRI will make a video call to verify customer information. Prepare an active mobile phone number so that you can verify the OTP from your bank.

Types of BRI savings that can be made online

The types of BRI savings that can be earned online include BritAma and Simpedes. Here’s a breakdown of costs.

BritAma . Savings

  • Initial deposit: IDR 250,000
  • Card fee: IDR 6,500
  • Management fee per month: IDR 12,000
  • Minimum balance: IDR 50,000
  • Closing Fee: IDR 50,000

Young BritAma (BritAma X)

  • Initial deposit: IDR 100,000
  • Card Fee: Free
  • Management fee per month: IDR 6,000
  • Minimum balance: IDR 50,000
  • Closing Fee: IDR 50,000

BritAma Business

  • Initial deposit: IDR 1,000,000
  • Card Fee: Free
  • Monthly processing fee: Free if the average balance is at least Rp 5 million.
  • Minimum balance: IDR 50,000
  • Closing Fee: IDR 50,000

Simpedes Savings

  • Initial deposit: IDR 50,000
  • Card Fee: IDR 6,000 (GPN Gold), IDR 2500 (GPN Classic)
  • Management fee per month: IDR 5,500
  • Minimum balance: IDR 25,000
  • Closing Fee: IDR 25,000

How to do BRI ATM online

You don’t need to come to the bank to create a BRI savings account, you can do it online through the Open Account website or the BRImo app. Here are two options that can be done to create an online BRI ATM.

How to create BRI ATM online via Open Account website

  1. prepare yourself smartphone, and open the website https://bukarekening.bri.co.id/digital-saving/ and click open account
  2. Choose the type of deposit you want to open according to your needs. Still confused about saving? Select the product information. then choose an account
  3. Then select the nearest BRI branch office location in your domicile.
  4. Upload a picture of your ID card, selfie Together with KTP and NPWP (if any), clearly, after that, fill out the form according to the personal information specified in the identity card.
  5. Wait a moment for BRI Bank to contact you via video call to verify the uploaded information. Make sure that when making a video call You need to be in a bright place and have a stable signal.
  6. Make an initial deposit based on the chosen deposit type.
  7. Done. The account is ready to use.

How to create a BRI ATM online through the BRImo application?

  1. prepare yourself smartphone BRImo application installed, open the application, then select Register. Do it. password new.
  2. After that, the OTP code will be sent via SMS, so make sure you use an active mobile number to be able to send the OTP.
  3. come wear password and Username which just made Select Open a new account. Next, a page related to terms and conditions will appear. read carefully Then check and click OK.
  4. Upload your personal information in the form of an ID card. selfie along with your ID card, signature and PDRC (if any). Fill out the form according to your personal information.
  5. Select the nearest BRI branch office in your hometown to print your passbook and ATM card. When finished, click Submit.
  6. Enter BRImo again, send an initial deposit based on the chosen deposit type. After that, you will return to the main page of the application.
  7. Done. Account ready.

Please note that when you create a new BRI account online, You will not receive passbook and ATM card, so to Savings at BRI or withdraw cash at an ATM, later need to be picked up at the nearest branch office selected when filling out the e-form.

That’s how to create BRI ATM online with complete requirements. Very easy, no?


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