The method of transferring money can be done without a bank account. It even has lower management fees and the process is quick and easy. Accountless transfers are ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a bank account, such as a student, or is looking for a cheaper management fee.

Money transfer service without a bank account makes it easier for anyone to send money to others. Here’s how to transfer money without a bank account. It’s super easy and low management fees!

1. Post office

No bank account is required to send money to others. Because you can do it at the nearest post office using money order service. From the past to the present, this method is still used quite often. especially in areas with difficult access to ATMs and banks.

There are many postal service Which can be selected as needed, including instant, cash, partnership and specific money orders. here is the description

  • Instant money order by mail: can send money directly real time To the recipient, the sender will then provide a PIN and a Central Transaction Number (NTP) so that the recipient can receive the money.
  • postal money order cash: commonly known as cash into account, In other words, the sender can transfer cash through the post office. The recipient can then withdraw money through the nearest ATM. This method is used quite often as it is very easy and the money will be sent directly to the bank account at the destination.
  • postal money order Partnership drafting services cooperate with other parties, so they will have to pay management fees in accordance with the requirements.
  • Important postal money orders: The recipient will receive a notice from the post office. Then the method of receiving cash can only be done directly through the bank.


  • carry cash on delivery
  • Pay transaction fees (Transaction fee depends on name from IDR 15,000-IDR 35,000)

Documents required

  • Sender’s ID card
  • Sender’s mobile number
  • Recipient’s mobile number

Procedure for transferring through the post office

  • Come to the nearest post office in cash to send along with the required documents.
  • Found a security guard at the post office. Call the queue number (if there is a queue)
  • Go to the postman when called to initiate a postal money order transfer.
  • The post office staff will process the cash transfer. Next, pay the administrative fee to the staff.
  • The money has been sent to the recipient successfully.

2. Western Union

Money transfers without a bank account can be done through the intermediary of Western Union, a delivery service with a network spread throughout the world. This means you can send money internationally without a bank account.

many people wear Transfer service from Western Union Because the procedure and documents prepared are quite simple, the money also arrives to recipients quickly in Indonesia and around the world. Of course, sending money via Western Union is very safe. Especially since the institute has been around for a long time, in 1851.


  • Prepare cash to send (up to IDR 60,000,000)
  • Pay shipping/handling fees

Documents required

  • Identification: KTP, SIM or Active Passport
  • Fill out the Western Union remittance form.

Western Union Transfer Process

  • Come to the nearest Western Union branch office with your ID card.
  • Queue up and come to the party Customer service. say you want to send money
  • party customer service Provide a remittance form, which must be completed and correct.
  • You will be asked to show your original ID to the staff. Then fill out the form to send money received according to the requirements.
  • Give money to employees to send to recipients. Make sure to calculate correctly before sending.
  • Pay management fees in accordance with the terms.
  • The staff will process the transfer. After that, you will be provided with a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). The MTCN code works so that the recipient can pick up the money at the nearest Western Union branch.
  • The shipping process takes 3-5 business days. You can track the shipment through the Track Money Transfer feature by entering the MTCN code.

very easy, no How to transfer via Western Union? The way the recipient receives the money is to go to the nearest Western Union office while sending the MTCN party code later. customer service It will provide you with a form that must be filled in before making a withdrawal. including personal information amount sent place of origin of the sender, etc.

3. Come to Teller Bank

The easiest and cheaper option is to come to the bank teller. Usually the administration fee is only Rp. 6,500. You don’t need an account to transfer. Just bring cash and ID. This can only be done by adjusting the recipient’s bank account. Here are the steps

  • Come to the nearest bank branch office according to the recipient’s bank account. along with bringing files in the form of cash and ID card (KTP, SIM or Passport)
  • Take the queue number and fill out the money transfer form provided by the bank staff. Fill in correctly according to the requirements
  • After being called, hand the form and cash to the bank employee.
  • The money has been transferred.
  • The money has been credited to the beneficiary’s account.

The bank teller transfer method is very simple and the process is very fast. Unfortunately, this method is less flexible as it has to be adjusted according to bank hours. Interestingly, you can take advantage of this option to do so. Transfer without the sender’s name or anonymous

4. Transfer via minimart

To transfer money to someone’s account without using an ATM, try through the nearest minimart that offers this service. Usually this is Indomaret and Alfamart. How to send money through Alfamart and Indomaret just by providing your ID card. Sender’s mobile phone number Recipient’s mobile phone number Then pay a management fee of 15,000 to IDR 25,000, depending on the name. This is more.

  • Come to the nearest minimart (Alfamart or Indomaret) that offers account transfer services. Bring cash and your ID card.
  • Hand over cash and ID card to the staff Provide the mobile phone number that can be reached and the mobile phone number of the recipient.
  • The transfer is in progress to the recipient. Pay the administrative fee to the staff according to the amount of money transferred.
  • The money has arrived at a mini-mart near the recipient’s house.

Transferring money without an account at Alfamart or Indomaret is easy, though. Unfortunately, the funds cannot go directly to the destination account. Therefore, the recipient must show the message with the code from the sender and take the money to the nearest convenience store.

5. Digital wallet application (e-Wallet)

Digital wallets or e-wallet applications can be used to send money without a bank account such as OVO, GoPay, Flip, LinkAja, DANA or other applications. fintech Other. The account registration process is very easy. Just use your credentials, email and mobile phone number. interesting is Administrative costs can be much cheaper than the four methods above. Some methods are even free.

way add The balance is very easy. You don’t need a bank account. You can top up through the nearest minimart, counter or agent. and sent to the destination bank account. The steps vary from application to application.

from various methods To transfer money without having the above account What do you think is the easiest and cheapest method? Hope this reading helps!


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