For those of you who already have a business Of course, one thing must be done is to continue to develop the business and innovate. However, of course, not all entrepreneurs have additional capital to do this. pioneer Funding issues are rare.

Eits, but now businessmen need not worry anymore. This is because the government through the channel institutions provides support in the form of a loan fund that can be used to create and develop to develop the Indonesian economy.

One of the institutions that can provide business loans is banks. You can apply for a personal loan business loan at Bank Mandiri. Want to know the requirements? How to Apply for a KUR Loan and Tips for Applying Check the following!

Mandiri KUR Loan Terms

Please note that Bank Mandiri gives businessmen and MSME owners the opportunity to get as many loans as possible. The KUR provided by Mandiri has an effective interest rate of 6% per annum. This interest rate is very affordable for effective credit

but to get You must comply with the applicable terms and conditions. Here are the terms and conditions of the Mandiri KUR loan you should know, read more below!

general conditions

The general requirements for applying for a Mandiri People (KUR) business loan are:

  1. The minimum age for prospective debtors is 21 years, or possibly if they are married, while for prospective debtors for a TKI position, the minimum age is 18 years with a history of filing applications. Letter of permission from parents as a foreign worker.
  2. A debtor applying for a KUR loan must have a productive business.
  3. It allows for loans or other financing used for personal use such as mortgages, motorcycle loans, and many others.
  4. No debt for public business loans in other banks

Conditions for the type of loan

Please note that the provisions of Mandiri credit types are divided into 3 types of KUR Mandiri credits as follows:

  • Super Micro KUR is a loan offered to small businesses with a credit limit of up to 10 million and a working capital loan (KMK) term of 3 years, while investment credit (KI) is 5 years.
  • Micro KUR is for large businesses. Micro KUR loans are earned from nominal value of 10 million to 50 million. For KMK credit term is 3 years and KI 5 years.
  • Small KUR is a loan with a limit of 50 million to 500 million, while the loan tenure for KMK is 4 years and KI is 5 years.

Required Documentation Requirements

When applying for a loan, there are document requirements to be prepared, whatever? Check the following!

  • Copy of identification card such as National Identity Card (KTP), Family Card (KK) and Marriage or Divorce Certificate
  • Recent photos of applicants to submit
  • loan application
  • proof Small and Small Business License (IUMK)Business domicile and other equivalent business certificates
  • when the loan credit ceiling More than 50 million need to include a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).

How to Apply for a Mandiri KUR Loan

Now that you know more about Mandiri business loans, it’s time to know how to apply. Here’s how to apply for a complete Mandiri KUR loan, see below!

  1. Applicants can come directly to the nearest Mandiri office. Of course, they’ve complied with the general requirements and adopted the file requirements before.
  2. when you get there You will meet with security personnel and be asked about the benefits to be undertaken. Just say you want to apply for a KUR loan and you will be instructed by a security guard to use a queue number. Wait a few minutes until your queue number is called.
  3. When calling to request a request to customer service or Mandiri Bank staff You will be asked to fill out a form first. while submitting the required documents
  4. If you choose a collateralized KUR loan Everyone submits the collateral that has been prepared.
  5. After the administration process is complete Your bank will schedule a survey about your business.
  6. The bank will conduct a business or business survey as well as an interview about the business it has created.
  7. All data and survey results will be taken into account by the bank to pay the KUR loan. The approval process usually takes 3 to 7 days during business hours. After that you can make disbursement.

Tips for applying for an independent KUR loan

last, Recommendations for getting approved loans by Mandiri Bank can be seen below!

Make sure there are no business loans at other banks.

One of the mandatory requirements that must be met when applying for a Mandiri KUR loan is that you cannot have business credit at another bank. This must be obeyed Because every bank can check customers and credit history. If there are still remaining loans, Mandiri will consider disbursing your money.

no criminal record

In addition, one of the other tips For your application to be accepted is You must have a good behavior history. This means there is never a recorded criminal record and puts you in jail.

Because this will reduce your value and credibility as a debtor. The bank’s trust in you is getting less and less. Keep this in mind so that you can disburse the Business Development Loan Fund.

Business turnover exceeds loan installments.

Finally, in addition to complying with existing requirements and complying with applicable conditions You must also ensure that the monthly turnover you receive exceeds the number of installments payable.

logically The bank will definitely figure out if you can afford to pay in monthly installments or not. So there are no bad loans or defaults. So reduce this risk by making sure that the monthly turnover is higher than the monthly installments.

In addition, with a turnover greater than installments It means you can continue to develop your business. and business continuity is still good Of course, this would be a good assessment from the bank to give you credit to further develop your business into a large company with a large number of employees. and develop the community’s economy, including Indonesia.

Here’s how to apply for KUR Mandiri along with the requirements and other information. You as a businessman need to take good advantage of this opportunity to develop your business.

Because businesses without innovation and creativity are built in. It will be more easily eroded by the increasingly fierce competition in the marketing world. Nowadays, everyone competes for the best advertising and branding strategies to sell their products. Therefore, you must participate in the competition by preparing your best business for consumers so that the business can continue. Good luck!


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