This month, Microsoft released Microsoft Edge Chromium 106 for all users, and while there are no exciting new improvements and features, this version turns out to be more focused on improvements. energy efficiency which is quite a lot.

Now about this, recently, Microsoft provided details on how to do it energy efficiency this works in Microsoft Edge 106, where when active, this feature can provide extra battery life as much as 25 minutes (in normal mode).

And besides that, users can also choose maximum savings which can even make battery life even better.

Based on Microsoft’s explanationbalanced savings This will provide an increase in battery life in scenarios, when the device is not connected to mains and is not in mode low battery, so efficiency mode will take moderate steps to save battery, this mode will have no impact on the experience browsing user. But when the battery is running low and Windows goes into low power mode then Efficiency Mode will take additional steps to save battery. This mode may have an impact on the experience browsing users, for example the video is playing less smoothly.

Meanwhile, for fashion Maximum Savings, when this option is selected, Efficiency Mode will automatically take additional steps to save battery, whether it’s in mode low power or not as long as the device is not connected to the mains (uncharge).

You can see this information on the Microsoft page following. But what is certain, of course, this increase is very useful for Microsoft Edge Chromium users who always work on laptops and away from the power plug.

What do you think? are you a Microsoft Edge Chromium user? comment below guys.

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