In addition to getting an upgrade on Limit Bing Chat to 200 Chat / DayMicrosoft recently added another interesting tidbit for Bing Chat, now that Bing Chat is finally getting the ability to Video and Image Search.

In the official pageMicrosoft mentions that it has added a way to search for images and videos within the chat dialog.

As in the image above, later the user will see the results below request chat them as answers, which of course users can click to see more details about the search results.

"We integrated image and video search into Bing chat.  You’ll see these results appear as answer cards below your chat answers, and you can click “See more” if you want to explore further in Bing image search." ungkap Microsoft.

Now this capability itself is currently still in testing and it seems that it is not yet available for users to use. Apart from that regarding their new ChatBot service, Microsoft seems to be bringing ads on Bing Chat which is likely to be presented in the next few months.

Regarding the addition of this feature that will be coming soon, do you have an opinion on this? comment below guys.

via: Microsoft


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