Incidentally, I have a Huawei Matepad 10.4 in 2020 which I also often use to write articles, and sometimes I also use this device to view many things there, considering the screen is quite large and stable.

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So then what is the most ideal data transfer method between my Huawei Matepad and Windows 11 that I use? whether through cloud? through flash drive? or external hard drive? hmm of course not guys, because on Huawei devices, there is a feature called Huawei Share that we can use to transfer files easily.

Immediately, here I explain how to use Huawei Share in Windows 11.

Step 1. Make sure your Windows 11 and your Huawei device are connected to the same network.

Step 2. On your Huawei device, please activate Huawei Share which is located in the Control Panel or in Settings > More connections.

Step 3. On the Huawei Share page that opens, make sure you activate it and also make sure you have activated the option Computer Share.

In the Verifications section, please open the Username and Password that will be your authentication later to log in to Windows 11.

If you have activated Huawei Share, along with Computer Share and Authentication you have specified, then please do the following steps in Windows 11.

Step 4. Make sure you have enabled SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support in Turn Windows Features on or off.

For security reasons, this feature is automatic disabled in Windows 11 Pro, but you can activate it manually.

Step 5. After you confirm the option enabled now just open File Explorer>Network, then there your Huawei device will be available.

Next, please open it and enter the username and password that you previously specified and it’s done, you can access internal storage and external storage your Huawei device from Windows 11.

So it’s very easy isn’t it? Transferring data between devices itself is quite fast, of course this depends on our WiFi device too, yes, the better the faster too.

Please try it guys, to be honest this feature is one of the great features in my opinion, because we can transfer files easily without having to use other media and only rely on the local network.

There are other steps and methods? comment below guys.


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