As previously reported, Microsoft will start replacing the Mail and Calendar application with Outlook for Windows, which is certainly more modern with many features and improvements in it.

And along with that, the full implementation and migration that was planned to start in 2024 seems to be now moving forward and will start in August 2023.

"Beginning in 2024, new Windows 11 devices will be shipped with the new Outlook for Windows as the default mailbox application free for all to use. The Mail and Calendar applications will continue to be available via download in the Microsoft Store through the end of 2024. On existing devices, users can switch to the new Outlook for Windows from a toggle in the Mail and Calendar applications."

Regarding this implementation and changes, Microsoft will start migrating users e-mail and calendars to outlook for windows new but the user still has the option to switch to the old app via the on button toolbar area.

So if you pay attention, this change itself began to be revealed by Microsoft along with the release Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 23506which will now make the Outlook for Windows Preview app the default inbox app in Windows 11 mail and calendar legacy that has been around since the previous Windows 10 era.

These releases and changes will begin rolling out gradually, even so as the app mail and calendar it will still be available for users to get in the Microsoft Store at least for now considering that in the future Microsoft will abandon these legacy applications

Meanwhile, those users who are still using the app mail and calendar will start to earn banners notification regarding this change and migration information.

In my opinion, this change and implementation should have been made by Microsoft a long time ago, bearing in mind that there are quite a number of Microsoft’s e-mail clients, namely Outlook, Microsoft Office’s built-in Microsoft Outlook, and Mail and Calendar which are basically the same. But with the release outlook for windowsthen this will make the mail client in Windows only centralized into one application and of course this is a good thing, especially if you don’t like installing lots of apps on your Windows 11.

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