For those who don’t know yet Unless you keep your money or valuables in a safe at home. You can also deposit your money or valuables in a bank safe, known as a safe deposit box. safe box. with safe boxMore security is guaranteed in your home full of risks.

Well, but how do you actually store your stuff in a bank vault? What are the pros and cons? These questions can be answered by completing this article. Don’t miss the detailed information below!

What is a safe?

safe box It is a storage box made of good quality steel, strong, fireproof. When there is a fire, the items inside will not catch fire. In addition, it is resistant to breakage, so the safe is not stolen.

safe box Available in different sizes to suit your needs. Previously safe box It can only be found in banks. But over time, other non-bank institutions can also provide the service, such as hotels or post offices.

You can store any valuables in this compartment, starting with property ownership securities. decorations foreign currency land certificateor precious metalEverything is allowed as long as you don’t pack prohibited items by the state, such as explosives and drugs.

Keeping your money and valuables in a bank vault is the safest way to keep your belongings. The reason is that even if you think your home is safe from burglars, it can be a threat to destroy your home and vanish your securities. Don’t let that happen. Always predict the worst.

How to save money in a bank safe and conditions

Now you may be interested in renting a bank vault. So how do you save money and useful stuff in a bank vault? Read more below!

Conditions for saving money in a bank safe

  1. The tenant is one of the customers of the related bank.
  2. Have completed the form and attached documents such as identity card (KTP), passport, etc.
  3. Willing to pay stamp duty
  4. willing to pay rent safe box With little agreement on the size of the box, there are several sizes. You can rent more than one for the record. The larger the size, the more expensive the rent.
  5. Pay a management fee plus a key deposit in the amount adjusted according to each bank’s policy.

How to rent a bank safe

Once you know what to prepare it’s time to rent safe box. Here is the procedure!

  1. go to the nearest bank First make sure that the bank offers a secure deposit service for all customers.
  2. Write down the queue number. customer service and wait for the queue number
  3. If you have arrived at customer service You can show your will. You will be directed to fill out a form and submit the necessary files.
  4. customer service It will prepare all agreement files including explaining the costs you will incur. If they match, you must sign the agreement.
  5. After completing the payment Now you can keep your money and valuables safely and securely in your bank vault.

Advantages of saving money in a bank safe

You probably already know the merits of deciding to save it in a bank vault. To make it clearer, here is a detailed explanation of the advantages of keeping it in a bank vault.

1. Safe from disasters

One of the advantages when using a bank safe is that you are safe from any disaster, be it floods, landslides, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Because there are many cases where certificates are lost or jewelry is lost when a house is hit by a disaster. But to take care of it again takes time, cost, and quite a bit of effort.

So if you feel your area is at risk of disaster. It’s not wrong to put money and valuables in a bank safe. it takes money But it’s worth the protection it offers.

2. Keep secret

If you want to save data Family secrets or wills, etc. Don’t worry because too. safe box All information is guaranteed confidentiality. After all, only you can open the safe. The only difference is that the location is in the bank. So it’s safer.

3. Rent is not expensive

One of the advantages felt by using a bank safe is the affordable rent. Because the rental fee is not dependent on the quantity or weight of the goods stored. But think according to the size of the storage box. Relatively cheaper and less expensive

4. Use as needed

Finally, the advantages of using safe box is that you can use it according to your needs If you don’t want to store too many things. You can choose a small size, however, if you want to store all your belongings to make them safer. Choose a large size to accommodate all your belongings.

Disadvantages of Saving Money in a Bank Safe

otherwise, safe box There are also disadvantages that you know. What are the disadvantages? This is the downside of keeping your money in a bank safe.

1. The quality of the product has decreased.

One of the first drawbacks that may be felt is the deterioration of the quality of the product. For example, paper, the longer it is stored, the lower its quality. Especially in the safe Of course it is more humid because there is no air gap.

besides paper Another material that degrades over time is silver. So if you want to store both Keep in mind the shelf life so as not to deteriorate the quality.

2. May be damaged

when disaster strikes and safe box Damages that cause internal items to be damaged, the bank is not responsible for changing them. This might be one to consider.

For example, when a catastrophic volcanic eruption occurs The location where the safe is kept will explode with lava and then melt. and all the items inside were damaged So that’s not the bank’s responsibility. That’s something worth noting.

3. Banks are not always open.

Another disadvantage when storing goods at SDB is that banks are not always open. In fact, you are allowed to carry valuables with you at all times. But will be used during banking hours. If the bank is closed or falls on a holiday, this cannot be done. Therefore cannot be used in an emergency.


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