Have you ever experienced freeze or stuck while watching video — either way watch videos online in browser or offline with media player app? If you are facing this problem on the Windows 11/10 computer that you are currently using, the solution that WinPoin provides below is expected to help you.

So, what are the things you should do if you face a problem like the one WinPoin mentioned above? Here are the details:

1. Run troubleshooter that suits your problem

Windows 11/10 has built-in troubleshooter which will help users fix problems on their computers. If your computer is experiencing freeze or it crashes every time you play a video, you can try running one of the two troubleshooter following:

  • Video Playback Troubleshooter
    • In Windows Search and type control panel and hit enter.
    • In the Control Panel, change the display from “View by” Becomes “Large Icons“.
    • Next click Troubleshooting > Hardware and Sound.
    • Later you will see options Video Playback at the bottom of the page and click to run Video Playback Troubleshooter.
    • When the Video Playback Troubleshooter window appears, click Advanced and choose an option Apply repairs automatically.
    • Next, you just have to follow the steps and stages that appear until they are finished
  • System Maintenance Troubleshooter
    • In Windows Search and type control panel and hit enter.
    • In the Control Panel, change the display from “View by” Becomes “Large Icons“.
    • Choose an option Troubleshooting > System and Security.
    • Next, just select the option System Maintenance to run System Maintenance Troubleshooter.
    • When the System Maintenance Troubleshooter window appears, click Advanced and select an option Apply repairs automatically.
    • If you find an option Run as administratorclick the option and click Next to start
    • System Maintenance Troubleshooter.

2. Roll back your graphics card driver

If the problem arises from the graphics card driver on your PC, then you can try to do a roll back.

  • Open Device Manager and open the graphics card driver properties on your PC.
  • Then see if there is an option to do Rollback.
  • If yes, do Roll Back.

This action will remove the driver update you just installed andIf the problem started to occur after installing a certain Windows Update, WinPoin recommends you to uninstall the latest Windows update.

3. Update or reinstall your graphics card driver

One of the reasons this problem can occur is that the graphics card driver on your PC is damaged or rarely updated. So, you will have to update your PC’s graphics card driver and to do so you can simply go to the Optional Updates page in Windows 11/10 Settings and see if an update for the graphics card driver is available.

4. Troubleshoot in Clean Boot mode

How to Run Clean Boot in Windows 10 (1)

If there is an application in background conflicting or software which causes problems. then you can run the mode Clean Boot. In Clean Boot mode, Windows only starts with the necessary applications and services. All other services and startup applications will be disabled.

After starting your system in Clean Boot mode, try playing any video and see if it affects your PC freeze or jammed. If not, it is certain that the problem you are facing this time is caused by a problematic application.

5. Scan SFC and DISM

One of the causes of your PC experiencing freeze or crash is the system image file is corrupted. There are many things that can cause this problem, for example a power surge, malware or virus infection, and so on. If it’s true that the system image file is corrupted, then you can try to run a scan SFC and DISM.

Once both scans have finished running, you should be able to play the video without interruption.

6. Try other media player apps

If it continues, maybe the problem is in the media player you are using — it could be a bug and so on. So, please try another media player and after that, please check again if the same problem still occurs.

7. Clear cache and cookies on the web browser you are using

If the video playback on your web browser freezes or crashes, there may be some cached data or corrupted cookies. Please clear cache data and cookies on the web browser you are using and see if that helps.

To do so, you simply press the Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys in a web browser. This shortcut will open the Clear Browsing Data window in most web browsers. Next, select cookies and cache, then select delete.

8. Try using another web browser

If you have cleared cache and cookies in your browser but your PC is still experiencing freeze, then you can play the video in another web browser. This will tell you whether the problem occurs with a particular web browser or not.

If playing videos on other browsers doesn’t freeze or freeze your PC, then you can reset the problematic browser. Here’s how to reset some popular web browsers:

  • Reset Chrome to default:
    • Open Chrome settings, then select Advanced Settings. Scroll down until you find the option “Restore settings to their original defaults“.
  • Reset Firefox to default:
    • Open Firefox Settings, then navigate to Help > Troubleshoot Information. Next, click Refresh Firefox.
  • Reset Microsoft Edge to default:
    • Open Microsoft Edge, then navigate to Settings > Reset Settings.

Those are some tips from WinPoin for those of you who are currently experiencing freeze or crash while watching video. Hope it’s useful


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