A bad news for those of you who are still using the services of LastPass, because some time ago, in blog pageLastPass CEO Karim Toubba said that LastPass had experienced a sign of unusual activity in the development environment, which began to be detected about 2 weeks ago.

In response to this, they then immediately entered the containment mode and start implementing mitigation measures in partnership with a number of companies cybersecurity then start further investigation.

While the investigation is still ongoing, LastPass CEO said that no sign of access to user data or encrypted password vaults has been detected at this time, with only a few pieces source code lastpass and only proprietary technical documentation was leaked and stolen.

Until now there has been no further information and details of the data leak that occurred in LastPass, but even so, LassPass emphasizes that no passwords and user data have been stolen because of any developer LastPass itself does not have access to information from user data.

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Well, after yesterday’s Plex, with the LastPass case, this week there are two major incidents in the world cybersecurity, not to mention what happened in our country Indonesia.

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