Buy credit through paylater application without paying instantly. But it can be the next month by the due date.

Lack of credit sometimes makes some people panic, especially without the money to buy. Indebtedness to others can be uncomfortable. Lately, there are many applications that offer to buy credits to pay the users later. especially to make it easier for those in a rush.

This is the app list. payer The Best Pulse You Should Try

The OVO app is electronic wallet or digital wallet that is very popular both for paying monthly bills Buying credits, gift cards or any other transaction using OVO is so easy that even any type of transaction can be processed quickly and securely. So you don’t have to worry when using it.

Now, the OVO application also offers loan loans to pay in the next month. This allows users to easily buy now without having to pay bills immediately. If the feature is not yet activated, select the ‘Enable OVO PayLater’ menu in the application, after which complete your personal information. And don’t forget to include your active mobile phone number in order to send OTP codes. You can purchase small credits based on your needs. Then pay by the due date. which is usually next month

Interesting OVO payer Pulse is not only convenient in terms of transactions. But there are also relatively light penalties for late payments. There are also many promotions that can be obtained when using OVO.

Who doesn’t know an app with color features? orange This is especially for those who like to shop online? Shopee is a platform that allows users to shop online for easy purchases and essentials. No wonder Shopee is downloaded by millions of users. There are also many more interesting features in it.

One of the interesting features of Shopee that we will be discussing this time is Shopee PayLater, commonly known as SPayLater. But it also makes it easier to buy credit to pay later.

merge apps payer Best Credit Shopee provides a safety guarantee for users. Understand the steps in the article. How to buy credit through Shopee. Credit bill payments from this platform cannot be made in installments longer than one month. Because the maturity period is one month only. so as not to be fined

Go-Jek has been known for its online motorcycle taxi service since 2010 and has never lost interest. especially in densely populated urban areas. and want a motorbike taxi service that will take you everywhere and food delivery service From the current development, it appears that the Go-Jek also has various features. payer that regular users can enjoy

Using Go-Jek payer (GoPayLater by Findaya) Not just Go-Food, Go-Bills, Go-Ride and Go-Car, but also credit card debt. The steps are more or less the same as the features of the application. payer another pulse

However, please note that GoPayLater is only available for selected users. i.e. those who comply with the terms and conditions of Go-Jek. Read more at Reviews about payer Go-Jek Reviewed by InvestBro

Kredivo is an easy-to-use online lending platform with a credit line of up to Rp millions. Kredivo can not only be used to get loans for large items worth hundreds of thousands to millions of Rp. It can also be used by users for credit debt. It’s very easy for some people to really need credit. but no direct payment

Apparently, the Kredivo app is credited with electric tokens without a credit card. Haha! application payer interesting is This Best Credit does not charge admin fees for transactions. While buying electricity tokens will cost only Rs 3,000.

when using payer Credits from Kredivo are due in 30 days, so users must pay the maximum amount when they are due to avoid being fined by Kredivo.

Not only does it make it easier for users to apply for product loans and online loans, the Akulaku app can also be used as an option. payer Pulse is the best because it is easy to use, 24 hours a day and the process is fast. Interestingly, Akulaku also does not charge admin fees and guarantees when submitting credit purchase transactions.

For data, Akulaku will set a due date on the 25th of each month. So even if you apply for credit before or after the 25th, you still have to pay on the specified date. The maximum credit purchase is only Rp. 300,000, so more than that is not possible.

if not available payer Pulse in Akulaku tries to investigate several possibilities. If you just registered in the application Applying for credit is not possible. Then if there are other loan dependents that are not repaid at Akulaku, they cannot apply, so it is better to pay the bills first.

The DANA app can also be used as an alternative to purchasing credit for postpay. It’s safe to use and easy to sign up for, so you need to activate PayLater DANA before you can use it. You can buy credits from various operators in Indonesia through this digital wallet including Telkomsel, XL/Axis, Indosat Ooredo, Tri and Smartfren starting from Rs 5,000 to Rs 1,000,000. Haha!

Even if the credit debt can be used up to Rp 1 million, it still needs to be adjusted to the existing limit. If an application exceeds the DANA limit, the application will be automatically rejected or unable to continue. The due date in the DANA application is 30 days (there is no installment system), so if the bill is not repaid immediately after that time. Users may be fined.

serve payer Another cost-effective and safe to use credit is the LinkAja app. Moreover, LinkAja is collaborating with other partners. Indodana Kredivo, as well as BRI Ceria, which provides online credit and loan services. Existence payer It makes it easy for users to make transactions without spending any money right away. So you can pay in the next month.

Through LinkAja, users can pay different types of bills. easily From electricity tokens, bills to credits, so activate payer in this application so you can enjoy loan service The trick is to connect your LinkAja account to a partner account (Indodana, Kredivo and BRI Ceria) and then make sure that the limit is sufficient to make the required purchases.

Tips for buying credit through payer That is, make sure that the limit is enough to buy on a given pulse (if it is exceeded, the process will be rejected). Usually the maturity period is 30 days, so buy what you need and check if you can pay. income before maturity


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