Microsoft Editor is one of the important applications as spell checker, I myself have briefly reviewed this Microsoft service in the following page: Microsoft Editor Short Review, Suitable For Bloggers

Now regarding Microsoft Editor, Microsoft recently integrated this service into the Outlook application, and the cool thing is, it’s not only Outlook on Windows that gets this integration, but Outlook on all platforms, be it Windows, Mac, iOS, Web and Android.

With the presence of Microsoft Editor service in Outlook, users can easily manage and repair spelling and grammar in every possible email to be sent.

Even so, friends, unfortunately the Microsoft Editor service in Outlook is only available for Microsoft 365 subscribers only for ordinary users like us, unfortunately we still haven’t got this feature.

However, of course we can still use a separate extension if we really want to keep using Microsoft Editor as a tool spelling and grammar checker in the browser you are using.

Via : Microsoft

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