Subsequently, the payment system payer is on the rise among Indonesians. The various conveniences it offers, as well as the simple requirements that must be met, has led to a large number of people flocking to this payment system.

One of the fintech companies that provide payment services. payer It’s Grab, you must be familiar with this company. because the use is near us every day Especially those who live in big cities. Obviously, Grab has added features. payer In payment yes, but how do you enable it? See how to enable grabs. payer easy to follow Read this article to the end!

What is Grab Paylater?

Grab Paylater is one of the payment services provided by Grab for selected users. So you can enable this service for various transactions. and payable at the end of the month not only that This online loan is for payment of transactions such as Grab Car, Grab Food, Grab Send and Grab Bike.

Indeed, not everyone with a Grab account can use this service. Only certain accounts that meet the requirements can be activated, so if it doesn’t appear, you can meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be a Gold, Platinum or Tier member prize win money (meaning frequent transaction activity)
  • Made at least 3 transactions in the last month (with various payment methods)

How to activate Grab Paylater

Now that you know what Grab Paylater is, let’s talk about how to activate it. Because not all users can take advantage of this feature. Would be nice to have it appear in your application. So make good use of it. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to activate Grab Paylater.

  1. Download the Grab application and conduct transactions with this application. You can use delivery services, order food, and more.
  2. To activate the Grab Paylater service, open the menu. payment which is on the veranda It’s usually under the navigation menu.
  3. If you are a selected user The Try Pay Later menu now appears in the GrabPay section.
  4. You will then be taken to a page explaining the terms and conditions for using Grab Paylater. Select Activate PayLater.
  5. After a few moments, a Paylater is Now Activated command will appear, you can now use it to transact on Grab.

Please note that the use of this payment system is still in development. Therefore, there may be multiple accounts that meet the requirements and are unable to participate in this service due to limited quota.

for credit limit In general, there is no fixed credit limit. However, according to some information, The credit limit amount is S$500. or if converted to Rp. 500,000

How to use Grab Paylater

Your Grab Paylater has been activated. It’s time to use it to meet various daily needs. Grab Paylater can be used to transact as usual. Just enter your Grab Paylater payment method, so the process remains the same as you normally would.

For the record, if you want to transact with the merchant. So make sure the trader has worked together before. so that you can use the payment system; payer. to be able to transact All transactions in this way you will not spend money anymore.

All bills are received at the end of the month. There is an additional 7 days extension until maturity. You will not be charged interest if you pay by the due date. As per Grab’s note, there are no recurring bill payments.

The payment method is very simple. Just fill in your GrabPay balance that exceeds the bill. To be able to repay the loan online instantly. Always keep an eye on the due date if you don’t want to pay a penalty. in order not to escalate the bill Use portions and wisely.

Advantages of Grab Paylater

After learning how to activate and use Grab Paylater, here are some things you should know about the advantages of Grab Paylater. Here are the advantages of this service.

Applicable for all Grab services.

As explained earlier, Grab Paylater can be used with all features in Grab starting from Grab BikeGrabFood , GrabDelivery , GrabCar These features can truly meet all your needs.

For example, in the middle of the month, there is a sudden necessity causing the salary to run out. So they don’t have any money for transportation anymore. Even if you still have to go to and from the office. This is the benefit of the service. payer. Use the service first and pay the bill later.

uncomplicated use

One of the advantages of using a payment method is the use of payer No hassle as you don’t need to add extra steps to enjoy it. Just complete the transaction as usual and change your payment method.

For example, you want to buy food in this app, simply select the delivery point and then select the food you want to order. If you’ve approved the order and chose a payment method using Grab Paylater, yes, it’s easy and hassle-free.

There are no monthly or annual fees.

Another benefit if you use Grab’s buy now, pay later feature is that there are no monthly or annual fees. In fact, you won’t be asked to pay interest if your bill isn’t paid late.

You will only be asked to pay if you pay your bill late. Even if it’s received after the 7 day deadline, you can try this latest payment method.

easy bill payment

Finally One of the advantages you will get when using Grab Paylater is the ease of paying bills. Simple as described.

All you need to do is fill in the GrabPay receipt or add a few. Then go to the Paylater page and click on the Pay button. Continue until approved. So there is no need to send here and there for payment.

So, here’s an easy way. To activate Grab Paylater, in fact, you can use it anytime. But you must remember that in use it must be smart and in accordance with the proportions. Escape from illegal online loans.

Basically, the Paylater system is a form of online credit. You still need to be careful when using it. Don’t let the simplicity that you do get wasted. because it will only hurt yourself Use the facilities available in case of an emergency and make sure you have the ability to pay bills. Don’t open the gaps that make life uncomfortable. Until entangled without knowing fake online loans And the entanglement cannot be escaped. Good luck, be careful and alert.


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