Some time ago Optional Update KB5014019 Released For Windows 11 where in this update there are a number of improvements that are presented, including the presence of new features such as the ability to make Windows spotlight as Desktop Wallpaper.

Now regarding the update, some time ago, Microsoft updated the official page Windows Health Dashboardwhere Microsoft confirmed that the updater was causing problems with the IE mode in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

After installing KB5014019 and later updates, IE mode tabs in Microsoft Edge might stop responding when a site displays a modal dialog box. A modal dialog box is a form or dialog box which requires the user to respond before continuing or interacting with other portions of the webpage or app. Developer Note: Sites affected by this issue call window.focus.” writes Microsoft.

Now if you are an Internet Explorer Mode user in Internet Explorer, Microsoft recommends users to rollback the Windows 11 build to fix the problems caused by the update.

Via : Microsoft


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