Do you still remember Skype?, a communication service owned by Microsoft which is unfortunately not quite popular in Indonesia?, so if you remember and maybe you are even a user of this application, please note that a while ago, Microsoft launched a new version of Skype with a change in appearance in it. .

Reporting from the official Skype page, users can now set the appearance of Skype in such a way, where if we see, we can combine the user’s favorite colors with the light and dark themes from Skype.

So, more or less the change in appearance is like in the picture above, where there are a number of different color variants that users can use in the application.

This update is now available for Skype users on Android and iOS, so make sure you update the app.

In addition to changes in appearance, Microsoft also introduced new capabilities, namely now users can do group video call with a capacity of up to 100 people and a duration of 24 hours / day.

In fact, the app is also now getting an articles feature known as “Today”, which brings you personalized articles and news from across the web without having to subscribe (similar to the widget board in Windows 11).

So, what do you think about this change? comment below guys.

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