Ventoy, if you don’t know about this app yet, this is an app that lets you create one flash drive be a bootable usb from a number of operating systems, whether it’s Windows or Linux, you can combine it with Ventoy.

Regarding Ventoy, previously on Ventoy 1.0.76 ventoy presents secureboot by default, and after getting an upgrade for a long time, now Ventoy 1.0.86 has been released, and in this version there is a feature that we might be waiting for, especially for Windows 11 users, yep, feature bypass which has also been equally presented alternative rival that is rufus.

In Ventoy 1.0.86, we can now choose the option to commit bypass online account requirements when the user tries to install Windows 11 for the first time, because as we know, when we want to do a clean install of Windows 11, we are asked to connect the device to the Internet so that later we can login with the Microsoft account that we already have, and of course for some people, this option is quite inconvenient, especially users who prefer to use local accounts.

Even so, it’s a shame that Ventoy’s bypass is still less powerful than Rufus, where this bypass can only be for online account requirements course, and open TPM as well as Bypass minimum processor, in addition, even using the trick : Trial Installing Windows 11 Without an Internet Connection and How to Solve Itwe can still do a bypass online accounts without the help of any application.

But for you Ventoy users, of course this version is quite mandatory for you to try, considering that there are many other features that have also been added and improved, as follows: changelog from Ventoy 1.0.86.

  1. add F5 Tools ---> Temporary Control Settings menu. Notes
  2. Ventoy2Disk.exe now supports command line mode. Notes
  3. add VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_NRO option in global control plugin to bypass online account requirement when installing Windows 11.
  4. enable VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_CHECK and VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_NRO by default.
  5. add resolution_fit option in theme plugin. Notes
  6. Change the MBR partition type to 0xC if the user selects FAT32 when installing Ventoy.
  7. VentoyPlugson: Add duplicate file path check in different lower/upper cases.
  8. Change egrep to grep -E for some scripts. (#2083)
  9. Add new menu languages
  10. languages. json update

Interested in downloading and trying Ventoy? if yes you can download it from the page following.


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