Wow, there’s bad news, guys, because recently there was news that Google was trying to force users to subscribe to Youtube Premium to get a myriad of features in it.

Well as we know, indeed by subscribing to Youtube Premium, users can get a lot of things benefits what’s interesting, starting from the absence of ads, getting access to Youtube Music, and others, but the bad news is, in the future you may have to register for Youtube Premium to play 4K resolution videos.

Reported from Redditor u/Ihatesmokealarms who shared a screenshots from the Youtube app on the iPhone, it appears the video is in 4K (2160p) resolution, marked with a “Premium” label complete with a “Tap to upgrade” link, and it’s not just one user who reported, in the same thread, there are many others too. found the same thing on their Youtube app.

Meanwhile, from Google itself there has been no confirmation of their intention to make 4K streaming an Exclusive Premium service, but maybe they are currently conducting trials and seeing the public’s reaction to decide what the next steps will be.

So until there is official information from Google, let’s just say this news is just a rumor, but don’t hesitate to share your experience if you get information on the “premium” label on your Youtube application.

What do you think? comment below guys.

Via : Reddit, Neowin


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