Previously we already knew that Google would start updating the Manifest version in Chrome from v2 to v3 in January 2023, but the latest news from Google seems to be giving a sigh of relief, especially for Adblocker developers and their users.

Based on information from Google’s official page, earlier end of life Manifest V2 Extensions will expire in January 2023, but appears to have now been pushed back to 2024, although there are no additional details regarding the date and month (for now).

Meanwhile, there is some additional information about how to change the Manifest v2 to v3 process in Google Chrome, which will start in the Chrome 112 version later.

  • January 2023, later along with Chrome 112, Google will present experimental flags to turn off support manifest v2 for pre-release channels, such as Beta, Dev and Canary.
    • Next, the extension with manifest v2 will no longer have “featured” badge in the Chrome web store.
  • June 2023, coincided with the release of Chrome 115, experimental flags to turn off support manifests v2, will be available for all versions of Chrome, including the Stable version.
    • Besides that, manifest extension v2 will no longer be allowed to publish on the Chrome web store.
    • For manifest extension v2 existing ones, will begin to be removed from the Chrome web store.

Now interestingly, Google doesn’t specify when manifest extension v2 will stop running on Google Chrome, because as we know, based on the schedule above, only the support is turned off. But maybe in the future there can be additional information? just stay tuned guys.

Additional information, based on reports from a number of WinPoin readers, is that more and more Adblockers have lost their abilities, but for now Adguard is still quite ok and highly recommended for those of you who don’t like ads.

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