According to previous rumors, on sudden event February 7, 2023 Microsoft actually introduced their new version of Bing, where Bing is now powered by OpenAI and makes it not only a search engine, but can answer more complex questions.

So if you want to try this new Bing, Microsoft has now opened the page bing.com/new and open a Waiting List for any user who wants to try using early access from this new Bing.

If you have already registered, Microsoft will later send an email to confirm your registration, but if you don’t want to wait, you can access the new Bing more quickly with these simple steps:

Even so, unfortunately we still have to wait to get this new bing until we can finally try it in full, but what’s interesting, Microsoft also seems to intend to bring this new bing to the Mobile version.

Apart from that, Microsoft Edge will also get the new Chatbot Bing technology in a more expanded way, for example the Edge Sidebar can now be used to do many things, as shown in the following image.

Well how? Have you registered for the Waiting List from Bing with this OpenAI technology? later if I have the opportunity to try it, as usual I will share it on WinPoin guys.

New Bing sign up on the following page.


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