In mid-November 2022, it was reported that Direct Access in Windows 10 and 11 Problemsfor those who don’t know Direct Access itself is a feature in Windows that allows users to access the network company without having to connect with a Traditional VPN first.

And with this bug, users can’t use direct access and with that, even Microsoft recommends users temporarily use a traditional VPN connection if they want to stay connected to the corporate network / corporate.

Regarding the bug, in the Windows Health Dashboard page, both at Windows 10 and Windows 11, Microsoft apparently has fixed this issue through their KIR (Known Issues Rollback) method which was released along with cumulative update in December 2022 yesterday.

“This issue was resolved in updates released December 13, 2022 ( KB5021233) and later. We recommend you install the latest security update for your device. It contains important improvements and issue resolutions, including this one. If you install an update released December 13, 2022 ( KB5021233) or later, you don’t need to use a Known Issue Rollback (KIR) or a special Group Policy to resolve this issue. ” Microsoft said.

For information about this you can see on the Windows Health Dashboard page followingbut certainly, now you can use direct access came back without any problems like before.

via: Microsoft

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