Transferring money to LinkAja and vice versa can be done easily through the complete tutorial in this article. DANA is one of the best e-wallets that can be used to transfer money to banks or other e-wallets.

Whereas LinkAja is an electronic service that can be used to send money or other transactions. With a note, LinkAja cannot be used for transactions. offline.

Usually both applications need each other. therefore have to send between Here’s a complete tutorial on transferring DANA to LinkAja and vice versa. Let’s read this article to the end!

How to transfer money from DANA to LinkAja

The first thing to mention is when you want to transfer some money from the DANA application to LinkAja, check out the steps below.

  1. Open the DANA application installed on the smartphone. Make sure you have an account. If you don’t have one, register first.
  2. when it comes to the homepage select the send menu which is in the top row below the specified balance
  3. You will then be taken to a page with the location where you wish to send money. From several options, select the ‘Send to Bank Account’ menu.
  4. After that, fill in the information about your LinkAja number or TCASH number. To find your TCASH number, combine the code 911 with the phone number that is integrated with LinkAja as you. For example, the phone number is 083896578435. The number you need to enter is 083896578435. 911083896578435
  5. in the alias or name section You can write your name or the name ‘LinkAja’.
  6. If correct, click ‘Add New Bank’.
  7. You will be taken to the page to enter the amount you wish to send. Fill in the required amount
  8. If the name is correct, select ‘Continue’ and there will be a page detailing the transaction you wish to complete. If everything is correct, click “Submit Fund”.
  9. You will be asked to enter your DANA PIN. Make sure the code entered is correct in order to complete the transaction.
  10. Successful transaction process Now you just have to wait for the notification that the transfer was successful.

It’s very easy to transfer money this way. It has been proven by the above steps that of course anyone can do it. There are several conditions that must be met if you wish to transact above. First, the DANA account used must be a Premium account. You can verify to upgrade to a premium account.

In addition, the mobile phone used must have a stable internet connection. So before the transaction Make sure your mobile phone is properly connected to the internet.

Finally, the condition is that there must be a balance first. If there is no balance The transaction will not be successful. Make sure all conditions are met.

How to transfer money from LinkAja to DANA

After discussing how to transfer some money from DANA to Linkaja which is one of best e-wallet appWe’ll talk about the reverse method in the following. Let’s take a look at all the steps below.

  1. First step, open the LinkAja application, then go to the balcony.
  2. On the homepage, you can select the ‘Send Money’ option.
  3. Then select the bank account option. You will be redirected to a page asking you to choose a bank to use.
  4. Select Bank Type CIMB NIAGA
  5. Next, you will be asked to write down your bank account number details. Enter the code 8059 plus the mobile phone number used in the DANA application. For example, your mobile phone number is 087868858484, then enter it. 8059087868858484 in your bank account
  6. Click ‘Continue’
  7. Next, enter the amount you wish to transfer to DANA, then put a check mark.
  8. before confirming your transaction First, check if all the information entered is correct. Then click the ‘Confirm’ button.
  9. Next, there is a page that will ask you to enter your LinkAja PIN number, enter the correct code to complete the transaction.
  10. A notification will appear that the transaction has been completed, wait up to 1 x 24 hours.

Of course, when you follow the above method, your LinkAja account must have a balance to send. Be sure to check the Internet network on your phone as well. Make sure the signal is strong and stable so that the transaction doesn’t fail.

Questions about transferring money to LinkAja

After knowing the complete tutorial on transferring DANA to LinkAja and vice versa. We will discuss frequently asked questions when transacting. Whatever? Check the following!

What is the minimum transfer amount to LinkAja?

The minimum transfer is IDR 10,000 as is the minimum transfer vice versa. due to the difference between the two banks meanwhile The maximum transfer from LinkAja to DANA is IDR 10 million per day.

So, if you want to deliver goods below 10,000, normally the transaction will be declared as failed. or when the name is filled in, a red mark will appear as Warning that you cannot send below the minimum amount.

meanwhile For those of you who want to send more than 2 million rupiah, you can fix this problem by sending twice. With another day, don’t worry because the transaction will still be possible.

How much does it cost to transfer LinkAja to DANA?

In addition to the minimum transfer There are often questions about this transfer often asked about transfer fees. The transfer fee is the policy of each company based on the transaction price. whether it is a product, service, or intangible asset.

For LinkAja to DANA transfer fees, you will be charged a transfer fee of Rp. 6500 the same as when you submit your balance. bank fund Different if you want to send money to other LinkAja users, the transfer fee is only Rp. 100 Rupiah.

If you want to avoid this transfer fee You can do this by sending large quantities at once. Therefore, do not transact too often. Because this transaction fee is charged at the time of the transaction. So even a small transfer fee remains the same.

For example, you really need to send money every month. You can choose a regular time, such as the beginning of the month to transfer money. Therefore, the transaction is not done multiple times.

Here’s a complete tutorial on transferring FUNDS to LinkAja and vice versa. Before you try it, make sure to follow everyone. So that the transaction doesn’t fail and runs smoothly, good luck!

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