Some time ago Microsoft released a new build for Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel users, coming with build 25197 In this new version, it turns out that there are experimental features that users can activate.

Now, this new experimental feature is called Desktop Spotlight UI which users can activate by configuration vivetool /enable /id:40268500 use the ViveTool application as usual.

This Desktop Spotlight UI will help users change wallpapers more quickly, along with the presence of a number of information about desktop wallpapers that the user is currently using.

For now, the panels that are presented seem to be far from perfect and there are still some unfinished animations. This is of course because this feature is still experimental and it is still unclear whether it will be presented in the next official release of Windows 11.

In my opinion, this feature is not very important to use, although it will add customization options for Windows 11, but of course this option is not the best option for users, because Spotlight UI only displays selected wallpapers from Microsoft.

What do you think? comment below guys.

Via : FireCubeStudios (Twitter)


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