As previously reported, Microsoft has released Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25290 for Windows Insider Dev Channel users, where in this build there are a number of improvements that are certainly interesting for us to get.

But friends, do you know, it turns out that there are hidden features in this build that make tabs feature in File Explorer getting cooler and more usefull really, namely the ability to drag n drop tabs are like tabs in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Now it looks like in the video above guys, where we can drag n drop to move tabs and separate them like in the Edge Chromium browser.

How interesting isn’t it? If you are interested in trying this feature, you can activate this feature by using ViveTool and simply by entering the following command only.

vivetool /enable /id:39661369

Once activated, make sure you do restart your systems guys. So what do you think about this feature enhancement? Do you like it? comment below guys.

Via : @PhantomOfEarth (Twitter)


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