An ATM or debit card is one of the banking facilities that will make it easier for you to transact. whether withdrawing cash payment to transfer All of which can be done using an ATM card.

However, there are times when this card cannot be used or blocked by the bank or for your own will. This ATM card blocking aims to secure customer transactions. The problem is to unlock this. Customers are only required to fill out several forms that are directly accessible to the bank.

But did you know that there is another way to unblock ATMs without going to the bank? Here are some methods

Reasons why ATMs are blocked

Before going to talk about how to unblock ATMs without going to the bank. It would be nice to know why your ATM card is blocked as follows:

1. The PIN number is wrong 3 times.

The reason for the first ATM card being blocked This is caused by you entering the wrong PIN 3 times. ATM PIN numbers are a series of security numbers that must be remembered by heart and kept secret. It is better if the PIN number is not a number that is related to you, such as your date of birth or your year of birth. Entering a PIN up to three times is good for forgetting. or will intentionally cause the system to think that the person entering the card is not you Therefore, the system will block access in order not to lose the balance on the card.

2. Khun Rim locks the ATM.

One way to maintain your ATM balance when your wallet or ATM card is lost or hacked is to block ATM access. This blocking process can be done by visiting the relevant bank branch office or by contacting the call center. Therefore, wallet holders and ATMs will not be able to drain your balance.

3. The ATM card is rarely used or needs to be replaced.

In some cases, ATM cards cannot be used because the card is rarely used for transactions. The bank therefore suspends the use of the card. There are also cases of BRI Bank customers who are unable to use their ATMs due to the fact that they are rarely used. The card must also be replaced with the latest version of the ATM card with a chip on the back. This is often the case in parents who rarely use ATMs for transactions. Therefore, they are unaware of the latest developments in banking policy.

4. ATM balance is less than the minimum limit.

from the author’s experience One of the reasons why ATMs, especially Mandiri ATM cards are blocked, is because the balance is below the minimum limit. You need to know that banks charge monthly administration fees.

This monthly administrative fee is taken directly from your savings balance. Therefore, when the savings amount does not reach the minimum limit The bank cannot charge this administration fee. Blocking a card is a way for banks to notify customers when their balance is low. The way to reactivate ATMs that are blocked for this reason is to go directly to your bank or contact the call center and top up your savings balance.

How to unblock an ATM without going to the bank

You’re too lazy to queue at the bank. But want to unblock ATM or not? Then the following method could be your reference:

1. Contact the call center

The way to fix blocked bri ATM without going to the bank is to contact the call center. when contacting this call center You need to prepare the following things:

  • call center number. Make sure you call the correct bank call center number. Because there are many cases of corruption claiming to be the bank’s call center. Please note that no bank service center will contact you personally. before you contact them first.
  • ATM card. Make sure your ATM card is next to you. The reason is that the bank will ask for the details of this card. Start from First number 16 digits3 digits on the back of the card (CVV or CVC number) and so on
  • ID cardIn addition to asking about your ATM card details, banks will also ask about your personal information. This personal information is information that you previously registered to make this card. The goal is to make sure the person who contacts the bank is really you.
  • pulse.Although it’s easy But make sure you have enough credits to use in this unblocking process. This is because the process of opening a blocked account usually takes a few minutes. Of course, it will be very annoying if this process is interrupted because your credit runs out.

After the above things are ready. Please contact the relevant bank service center and follow the steps provided.

2. Using the app

Some banks, such as Bank BCA, make it easy for customers to open a blocked ATM card using an app. Here’s how to unblock BCA ATMs using the BCA Mobile application:

  1. Open the BCA Mobile application.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Select the About menu
  4. Select Verify again.
  5. Write down your BCA ATM card number (16 digits total).
  6. Wait for confirmation SMS
  7. Enter verification code
  8. finished.

Besides using BCA Mobile, you can also unblock BCA ATMs using the HaloBCA application. Here’s how:

  1. Open the HaloBCA application.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. select the call menu
  4. Select the bank menu.
  5. Tell us about the problem you encountered after connecting to the admin.
  6. Set your PIN number.
  7. The administrator will perform a validation check. And you will be asked to correctly and correctly answer the questions that are asked.
  8. If the question and answer step is complete and your answer is correct. Your admin will reset your PIN again using the new admin version of the PIN.
  9. Replace the admin PIN with your own version at the nearest BCA ATM.
  10. BCA ATM is available again.

It is a card that is necessary to fulfill everyday life. ATM card is an important item. When this card is blocked You will not be able to pay, transfer or withdraw cash. This can happen because you forgot your PIN code, your ATM card was intentionally blocked. rarely used or the balance is less than the minimum limit

to solve this problem Please contact customer service at the nearest branch office of the relevant bank. However, if you are hesitant to queue You can unblock ATMs by contacting your bank’s call center or in some cases by using an application.


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