After a long wait, Microsoft finally released the KB5019509 update which is Windows 11 Moment 1 Update and will change the Build OS to 22621,675.

Now in this update, there are a number of new features that have been introduced for Insiders recently, which include:

Tabs in File Explorer

Now File Explorer has a tab where users can more easily navigate without opening multi windows as usual, besides the behavior of this tab is similar to a browser, so users should be easier to get used to using this feature.

Taskbar Overflow

Furthermore, when the Taskbar in Windows 11 is full, there will now be a section that displays a number of application icons in the form of an overflow to make the Taskbar look neater and less cluttered.

Suggested Actions

Now with this feature, when the user selects text in the form of a phone number or date, Windows 11 will automatically provide suggested actions which the user can then choose, whether it’s making a call, adding events to the calendar, and so on.

Task Manager on the Taskbar Right Click

Now the feature that was previously introduced for the Insider Dev Channel is now available for stable users, where by right-clicking the Taskbar, there is not only Open taskbar settings, but also the option to open Task Manager.

Improved Sharing Experience

Where starting in this build, users can more easily share with nearby devices, directly from File Explorer and a number of Windows 11 built-in applications.

Android App Support Availability

As previously reported for Insiders, now the availability of Android app support on Windows 11 is available in 31 countries. But not including Indonesia.

Photos App Redesign

You can update the Photos application through the Microsoft Store, which now looks fresher and simpler than before.

Now for the changelog, you can just look at the Microsoft page following. But in general, all the new stuff is the above.

For those of you who want to update your Windows 11, you can just go to the page Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updatesthen please download the KB5019509 update which is available there.

How? have you done the update? comment below guys.

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