Apart from releasing Windows 11 Moment 1 UpdateMicrosoft also released Windows 10 2022 Update or Windows 10 22H2 for users, but because as we said before, that Windows 10 looks like a stepchild, even in this major update, no new features were introduced.

But even so, according to Microsoft, this version will bring a few features that focus on productivity and management, it’s just that it’s still not known in detail, what feature is it?

“will have a limited set of features focused on productivity and management.” Microsoft said in official page-his.

Now, meanwhile, for you Windows 10 users, especially if the system you are using is almost at the end of support from Microsoft, it’s a good idea to update your Windows 10 to this latest version, because by updating, you will still receive it for the next 18 months.

Please scroll to the page Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for updatesthen please download the Windows 11 2022 Update which is available there.

Oh yes, the build that will present itself is 19045, which is still one family with 19040, 19041, 19042, 19043 and 19044.

Via : Microsoft


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