Elder Scrolls Online, for fans of fantasy MMORPG games, maybe you are already familiar with this game title. In the past, I even wanted to buy this game on Steam, but due to unstable finances, I ended up canceling the decision.

Long story short, guys, regarding Elder Scrolls Online, it turns out that there is good news, especially if you want to buy this game on Steam but don’t have additional funds, because this time the Epic Games Store has made Elder Scrolls Online free on their platform.

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As you can see on screenshots above, you can get the Elder Scrolls Online game for IDR 266,000 at the Epic Games Store for free until July 27, 2023, so hurry up and claim this game before it runs out.

For the system requirements of Elder Scrolls Online itself, you don’t need a device with super specifications, just with the following minimum requirements, you can run this game smoothly without any problems.

So, go ahead and claim it now, if you don’t play it, just claim it to add to your game library in your Epic Games account. It’s not bad, Elder Scrolls Online is valued at IDR 266,000.

Interested? just claim and download from the Epic Games Store page following. Have a nice play.


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