International cooperation in the context of meeting each other’s needs does not stop at the import and export of goods. But it also needs manpower. A large number of jobs in different industries requiring additional workers.

in Indonesia itself Many foreign workers work as professional workers. This can be a challenge for human resources in Indonesia. Because the competition for quality is always there. So what is the impact of the presence of foreign workers in Indonesia? See an explanation of the concept of labor. positive and negative effects and our attitude towards this phenomenon Watch this article to the end!

What is a foreign worker?

A foreign worker (TKA) is a worker who performs duties outside of his home country. According to the Labor Law No. TKA 13, 2003, a foreign worker holding a visa to work in the territory of Indonesia.

in general Foreign workers (TKA) can only be employed in certain positions in Indonesia. And this is regulated in law. not only that Working in Indonesia is also time-limited. TKA prohibits management positions. about personality. Therefore, it cannot be capricious. There are rules to follow.

Are there foreign workers in Indonesia?

You might think, are there really foreign workers working in Indonesia? The answer is many. According to the Ministry of Labor, as of May 2022, there are 96.57 thousand foreign workers in Indonesia spread across various industries. If you look carefully, foreign workers working in Indonesia tend to be professional. which this part is more than other positions Foreign workers up to 44.71 thousand people out of a total of 96.57 thousand people or 46.29 percent in their careers.

The remainder work in other fields such as service, industry, agriculture and maritime. Consultant/Consultant, manager , director until the highest position is commissioner which is definitely inseparable from the role of a central company opening a branch in Indonesia by bringing in foreign workers

Positive Impact of Foreign Workers in Indonesia

The arrival of foreign workers in Indonesia will affect life in various areas. Although the advantages and disadvantages of foreign workers in Indonesia are still a hot topic of debate. But it is undeniable that there is a positive impact that we can experience. Whatever? Check out the positive impact TKA has on our country below!

1. There is an extension of technology and knowledge.

Of course, the arrival of foreign workers in Indonesia will bring various technologies. Let’s make their work easier here. In fact Producing quality technology requires a long and arduous process. However, with TKA, workers from Indonesia can easily enter and learn the technology.

Not only technology There is also a new science constantly evolving Because as you know, third parties have the best quality human resources, so a lot of knowledge can really be absorbed and developed in Indonesia. Especially if the TKA is truly an expert in their field. Of course, this is good news for HR in Indonesia.

2. Increase foreign investment in Indonesia

Of course, foreign workers come with the construction of new companies in the territory of Indonesia. When the company was established will produce new products to be accepted by the community and have a wide market share

Definitely inevitable investors. Of course, there will be many investors flocking to invest because they think they will get big profits. Investor benefits for the company is to develop a business with funding support One of the advantages of having more foreign workers is foreign investment in Indonesia

3. Become a new challenge for local workers

The positive impact employees can feel is a new challenge. Of course, we as local workers do not want to lose our ability to compete with foreign workers. so that we will try to develop and extend the knowledge in their field of work

Local workers will be more eager to become experts in their field of knowledge. in order not to allow foreign workers to replace Of course, this is a good thing because employee productivity increases. regardless of any other effects that may be felt

Negative Impact of Foreign Workers in Indonesia

1. Narrow employment opportunities for local manpower

The arrival of a large number of foreign workers in Indonesia has resulted in the disappearance of jobs that should have been occupied by Indonesians. This means that job opportunities for Indonesians are increasingly narrowing. If one does not try to develop their talents, they will be replaced by highly skilled foreign workers in their field.

2. Rising unemployment

If a foreign worker enters the territory of our country without an extension of employment opportunities It will definitely replace incompetent local labor. This will eventually increase unemployment in the country.

Because unemployment is a burden and a problem that still needs to be solved today. Indonesia continues to strive to produce quality workers. One way to produce a quality workforce is to provide workers with the skills to become experts in their field.

3. Dangerous to unskilled workers

Finally, the negative impact that would have on the large number of foreign workers in Indonesia would certainly be dangerous for unskilled workers. Moreover Workers who rely solely on their strength This type is often easily replaced by machines.

Moreover Today’s complex machines have evolved a lot. All work can be replaced by machines. Of course, it’s very dangerous considering that many HR resources are still of poor quality.

What is our attitude in the face of competition for foreign workers in Indonesia?

to face competition for foreign workers in Indonesia A good attitude is always trying to improve yourself. Learn more seriously in their field. because with the best quality We will definitely not leave each other.

There is no point in prohibiting foreign workers from entering our country. Because their arrival basically also has a positive impact. Don’t focus on them. focus on yourself Improve yourself and your abilities.

not only that Local employees can also begin to adapt to existing technology to make our responsibilities easier. Because with expertise in the use of various technologies available, you will not be laid off from any position.

Governments are responsible for promoting the creation of good and quality human resources. With the various facilities available, this is of course to be utilized as much as possible.

So here’s an understanding. Negative and positive impacts of the presence of foreign workers As well as our attitude towards foreign workers in Indonesia, always look at things from a different side. Sometimes even when something looks bad But it turns out there is a lesson to be learned. Continue to strive for self-improvement and gain expertise in the relevant field. Good luck!


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