Comrades, it turns out that apart from having problems with kerberos authentication which resulted in a number of other problems, it turned out to be a problem direct access in Windows 10 and 11 when you have updated the system to cumulative updates latest.

Now Direct Access itself is a feature in Windows that allows users to access the networkcompany without having to connect with a Traditional VPN first.

About bugs direct access Currently, Microsoft is recommending that users temporarily use a traditional VPN connection if they wish to remain connected to the corporate network / corporate.

Regarding this bug, Microsoft has provided KIR or Known Issus Rollback to temporarily solve this problem, you can see this on the Microsoft announcement page. following.

However, what is certain for you users of Windows 10 LTSC 2019, Windows 10 20H2 or later including Windows 11 users, if direct access cannot connect, users can try to connect the device to the corporate network via VPN or other methods other than Direct Access.

Via : Microsoft


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