For you Mozilla Firefox browser users, some time ago, version 105 has finally been released to the public, where in this version there are a number of improvements that are presented, including the presence of an option to print only the current page and support partitioned service workers in third-party contexts.

Here is the changelog based on the official Firefox page.

  • Added an option to print only the current page from the print preview dialog.
  • Firefox now supports partitioned service workers in third-party contexts. You can register service workers in a third-party iframe and it will be partitioned under the top-level domain.
  • Swipe to navigate (two fingers on a touchpad swiped left or right to perform history back or forward) on Windows is now enabled.
  • Firefox is now compliant with the User Timing L3 specification, which adds additional optional arguments to the performance.mark and performance.measure methods to provide custom start times, end times, duration, and attached details.
  • Searching in large lists for individual items is now 2x faster. This performance enhancement replaces array.includes and array.indexOf with an optimized SIMD version.

However, there is one thing that we want to discuss in more detail, guys, where in this version, Firefox is rumored to be bringing better performance improvements on Windows and Linux OS, this is because it is supported by the Firefox method that useshandle situation low memorymaybe this feature will not be felt if you use RAM with a capacity of 8 GB and above, but if you are still a user with 4 Gb RAM, then this feature might be useful.

Why? because with this capability, Firefox will manage the Low Memory situation on the user’s device and optimize it to provide user comfort and better device performance, thus ensuring a better browsing experience even if the RAM condition is almost full.

In addition to this, in Firefox 105 there are also a number of vulnerability repaired, includes four as high severity, two moderate and two low severity, You can see full details on the page following.

So, if you are a Firefox user, it’s a good idea to update your browser immediately, you can go to Help > About Firefoxto update the browser manually.

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