As we already know, Microsoft has released Windows 11 2022 Update for users, it’s just that not all users seem to get this update simultaneously according to the schedule released by Microsoft, at least it might take a month until finally all users get this new Windows 11 version.

Now regarding Windows 11 2022 Update, recently there were a number of WinPoin readers who asked, is it possible to get the Tab feature in File Explorer in Windows 11 2022 Update?, considering that this feature is not yet present in Windows 11 that users use even though Microsoft notes this feature they have present.

So with that, especially for you users of Windows 11 Build 22621, and by chance you haven’t gotten this feature, you can try the following steps.

How to Get Tabs Feature in File Explorer Windows 11 2022 Update

Step 1. First make sure you are using Windows 11 Build 22621 or later (for Windows 11 Build 22622 users, this feature is present by default).

Step 2. Download ViveTool from the GitHub page following.

Step 3. Extract the file you just downloaded, then open Command Prompt as Administrator and go to the Path folder that you extracted just now.

If you don’t know how, please open Command Prompt as Administrator > Right click the ViveTool folder that you extracted (Copy as Path) > in Command Prompt please type “cd [paste hasil copy as path tadi]” The result should be like in the image above.

Step 4. Then once it opens, please enter the following two commands in sequence:

vivetool /enable /id:37634385
vivetool /enable /id:36354489

The first command is to enable Tabs in File Explorer, while the second command is to activate the new Navigation Pane in File Explorer.

Step 5. When finished, please reboot your Windows 11 and now File Explorer has changed, where the new Navigation Pane is present and the Tabs in File Explorer are active and you can try.

Now the result will be like in the image above. Please try guys, good luck.

Oh yeah, if you’re curious, this feature is actually already present in Windows 11 22H2, it’s just that Microsoft just activated it by default at Build 22622, while the Public Release that we got yesterday was Build 22621, so we have to activate this feature manually first. .

Please try guys, hopefully useful.


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