As we know, mainstream support Windows 7 has been discontinued by Microsoft for a long time, and only those who pay for it will get additional security updates.

With Microsoft’s update support turned off, a number of apps have started to leave support for this OS, including a number of mainstream browsers like Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers.

Now about extended support for Windows 7, Microsoft plans to stop this support in early 2023, at which point Windows 7 will really be abandoned and users inevitably have to move to a newer OS, be it Windows 10 or Windows 11 to get updates and updates. security updates.

However, unlike a number of other applications, including Google Chrome, Mozilla recently announce that they will continue to provide Firefox browser updates for Windows 7 at least until August 2023. This certainly gives less time for users who want to keep surfing the Internet with an older OS.

Now in 2023, a little additional information too, that this year in addition to Extended support for Windows 7 which will be discontinued by Microsoft, extended support Windows 8.1 was also officially discontinued on January 10, 2023. And of course with the addition of the Firefox support period until August 2023, users of this browser can at least feel a little safer to surf the Internet using this Mozilla browser.

However, users are still recommended to update their operating system if they want to stay connected to the Internet for work and other important matters.

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