Microsoft 365 is the solution for users who want a product cloud from Microsoft with the maximum, where users can get 1 TB OneDrive, full access to Microsoft Office Online, and also a Skype Call limit of 60 minutes.

Regarding Microsoft 365, did you know that recently Microsoft added a new subscription package besides Microsoft 365 Personal and Family?, where there is a basic plan that costs $1.99 USD per month.

As shown above, in contrast to the personal package, this Microsoft 365 Basic plan offers fewer features, including 100 GB of OneDrive Cloud Storage, and ad-free Outlook Web with a better security offer.

At first glance this package is indeed interesting, but when compared to the personal package, of course the personal package has more and more interesting features, but for those of you who want to reduce the amount of expenses by actively using Office Online but don’t need too much OneDrive Storage, of course this package is really worth it it for use.

When will this package be available?, According to a number of sources, Microsoft will launch this package on January 30, 2023. Apart from that, friends, for users who have purchased a special 100GB OneDrive Storage subscription package, the package will automatically change to Microsoft 365 Basic with a number of the advantages mentioned above.

So at the same price as the 100 GB OneDrive package, users now have better access to Microsoft Office Online.

via: Neowin


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