In the middle of 2021, Microsoft releases Windows 365 which is a business sector-focused Cloud PC Virtualization service that can make enterprise devices more efficient.

So in other words, so this Cloud PC is designed to help businesses / companies reduce the cost of purchasing devices, because the Cloud PC system makes the process more flexible in determining hardware resources. According to Microsoft, Cloud PCs can also be a solution to problems in cyber security, where data is now stored in the cloud. Then you can apply encryption throughout, from stored data to network traffic that connects users to Cloud PCs.

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Regarding Windows 365, at the Microsoft Ignite 2022 event yesterday, Microsoft announced a new SKU for this service, where previously Cloud PCs were reserved for Business customers, now there are SKUs dedicated to Government.

This variant is intended for federal contractors and employees. This allows streaming of Windows from the Microsoft Cloud while meeting the security standards set by the United States government. Additionally, Windows 365 apps will be coming to the Microsoft Store so users can download and launch them directly from the Star Menu and Taskbar.

In addition, there is another update in the preview version that is presented, namely the presence of the Citrix HDX Plus add-on for Windows 365, which allows Microsoft to support more endpoint devicesperipherals, and security policies, especially in bandwidth-constrained environments.

However, it is also unclear whether this SKU is only specific to the US region or other regions can also apply it?, especially since the security standards set are based on the United States Government Standards.

In addition, there is no information on how much this SKU subscription costs and what specifications users can choose and use, so let’s wait for the next update. What do you think? comment below guys.

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