In its latest Blog post, Microsoft revealed a new feature that might be coming soon to all users, where this feature is related to OneNote especially for those of you who often make pictures, shapes and more.

Regarding this matter, Katie Sullivan who works as a Product Manager in the Office Natural User Interface team revealed that there will be an increase in the Pen & Ink Experience in OneNote on Windows, where later users can easily create perfect lines and shapes as shown in the following image.

Simply by making a simple line including Arrow, Shape (circle, ellipse, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, pentagon, or hexagon), OneNote will automatically improve it later, even if the user’s drawing is very bad, as long as there is the desired shape, everything will be automated.

On the blog page, it is also explained how this feature works, starting with drawing manually, to using it keyboard shortcutsfor the steps maybe you can read on the page following.

Draw and Hold gestures

  1. Using your pen, draw a line, arrow, or shape (circle, ellipse, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, pentagon, or hexagon) using a single ink stroke and hold it in place for a few milliseconds.
  2. After the shape gets converted, you can leave the ink as-is, or drag to resize or rotate the converted shape!

Shift key shortcuts

  1. To automatically draw a straight line between the starting point of your stroke and your cursor, press the Shift key before you start drawing your line.
  2. To adjust the length and angle of your line, continue to move your cursor, finger, or pen. NOTE: Your line will automatically snap to 0, 45, and 90 degrees.

But one thing for sure, currently this feature is still available for Office Insider users, with the following conditions:

  • Draw and Hold gesture: Version 2212 (Build 15926.10000) or later
  • Shift key shortcut: Version 2212 (Build 15914.10000) or later

Now interestingly, this feature is a requested based feature feedback from users, so it’s quite interesting to see how this feature works in the future.

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