Redmi Band Pro

Xiaomi just announced smartband The newest one is Mi Band 7 and when compared to its predecessor, there are several improvements such as the usable screen area is now 25% larger, there are also Always On mode and some other interesting stuff.

However, before you immediately buy the device, it would be better if you wait a little longer. The reason is, the latest information states that Xiaomi is preparing a “pro” variant of the Mi Band 7 and this information can be confirmed to be accurate after Mi Door Lock application that reveals it.

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So far there is no more detailed information related to what improvements will be present in the “Pro” version. However, there are some leaks of information that say that the “pro” variant will have a bigger screen and battery than the regular variant, and has built-in GPS.

As for the launch, Mi Band 7 Pro is likely to be released alongside the Xiaomi 12 Ultra in July and as an additional information for you, Xiaomi 12 Ultra is the first product of collaboration between Xiaomi and Leica.

So, for more complete information, let’s just wait together for some time in the future and make sure you wait for the complete information only on DroidPoin.

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