as a creditor You must be aware of one of the risks of applying for a loan. This risk arises if you make late or unpaid payments, i.e. visit. debt collection. If you are overdue or not paying in installments, it’s natural to come. debt collection.

Of course, in debt collection, there are steps or procedures that must be followed. It cannot be arbitrarily determined because it involves a legal transaction. Especially if the charge or withdrawal is unethical. Disturbing the comfort of others or showing rude gestures You can report to the police if this happens.

As for who doesn’t know the reporting process? debt collection vulgar and mean Here’s a description of what it is. debt collectionReport Methods and Tips for Dealing with Threats debt collection. Let’s finish reading this article!

What is a debt collector?

debt collection It is the person responsible for linking the creditor with the creditor regarding the collection of installments or liabilities. For frequent loan applicants, of course, you are only familiar with this term.

Because it is a government job and legal. debt collection control in Bank of Indonesia Circular No. 14/17/DASP On June 7, 2555, concerning credit card debt collection. so that everything is organized in stages

usually, debt collection Have personal data of creditors who are overdue or have not paid any installments The debt collector can access the address of the creditor according to the steps set forth.

Charging if the procedure is legal. But it differs when the gathering is carried out with undesirable acts such as intimidation, harassment, or even life-threatening violence. You can file a report with the police if this is the case. reporting method debt collection There are two methods of reporting to the police, check the following!

How to report a debt collector to the police through the nearest office

1. Go to the nearest office

Police generally have subdivisions divided by local government. You can report an adverse event from debt collection Go to Polsek, Polres Polda to the police office.

2. Report the incident to the Integrated Police Service Center (OBEC).

When you reach the nearest police station, go to Integrated Police Service Center (OBEC). This SPKT section handles incoming complaints, provides a variety of information. and carry out preliminary management

3. Conduct an investigation

After receiving the report The investigator will review your application as the first step. You can tell the sequence of events along with the evidence. To be able to assess whether the submitted case is worth reporting or not. and report to the police

4. Reports are carried out.

if deemed appropriate Your reporting process will continue. You just have to follow the procedures that are available until the perpetrator is finally given the punishment that is commensurate with him.

How to report a debt collector to the police through the call center

Another way to file complaints about things that are unfavorable from debt collection is to contact call center. Check out the following methods!

1. Prepare the loan in advance

The first thing to do is to prepare a loan in advance. Make sure that the mobile phone used to contact call center There are already prepaid and monthly credits.

2. Call 110

number call center The police station is at number 110. You can find the police station and phone number from any police station just by selecting the nearest police station. Notified and contacted back immediately.

3. Call the nearest police number.

If you have the phone number of the nearest police station You can contact the phone number directly and submit your claim. The report will be processed and reviewed.

Tips for dealing with debt collector threats

After knowing how to report the debt collector to the police What you should know about mischarging money is how to deal with the threats they pose. Here are some tips for dealing with threats. debt collection What you can try:

1. Request an official debt collection letter

in Dealing with debt collectorsThe first thing to do when you are visited by a debt collector is to request a letter of debt collection. This is especially true if you are charged under unethical conditions, for example if you are traveling. You are suddenly stopped at a red light and threatened to hand over your car on the pretext of a delinquent credit withdrawal.

before releasing your car to the debt collector You have the right to request an official letter. because as described earlier Working as a debt collector is a legal and official job. and under the supervision of the law

2. Running in a crowded public place

If you are intimidated and bullied in a quiet place All you have to do is run in a crowded place. This was reduced to avoid violent acts by debt collectors.

3. Don’t be afraid and steady.

if to cope debt collection A free-spirited debt collector, and you have nothing to fear. Face it calmly and give a theoretical reason why it happened. Stay as strong as you can and don’t show any fear. because if you show fear The debt collector will intimidate you even more.

4. Report to the staff

Finally, what you can do if you are threatened by debt collection is to notify the authorities. The nearest you can go to the police station. However, you can report it to other parties if: debt collection Those who come illegally and are unable to show evidence of debt collection

You can report to Bank Indonesia by phone 021-131 or by email. [email protected] and fill out the online complaint form via www.bi.go.id/perlindungan-konsumen/form .

Not just Indonesian banks, you can. Online rogue credit reports to financial services agencies.. Contact OJK by phone 157 during business hours or send a complaint by email. [email protected] .

Finally, the other person authorized to deal with illegal debt collectors is Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI). can be contacted at call center YLKI at 021-7981858 or 7971378

Here’s how to report. debt collection Go to the police station and get advice on dealing with the threats of debt collectors. That way you will reduce your chances of getting traffic. debt collection Offenders who charge arbitrarily and humiliate themselves in public. Let’s start smart in doing everything.


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