There are several sharia fintechs operating in Indonesia and registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Sharia fintech is a financial service or technology product based on the Sharia project.

The presence of sharia fintech has made it easy for citizens to get sharia financial services, investment and sharia financing. The following is a list of the best sharia fintech in Indonesia.

refer to website idxPT Investree Radhika Jaya, commonly known as Investree, is a traditional fintech that spreads its services according to Islamic principles as well. Investree is actually a financial market intermediary for P2PL (Peer-to-Peer Lending).

Thus, the move is a marketplace that brings together people who need capital with those who are willing to lend money. Therefore, this platform offers only two service features: funds and loans.

This fintech was founded in 2015 and is based in Jakarta. Unlike other typical fintech services, Investree is not involved in lending and borrowing. This marketplace is simply a platform to facilitate operations by managing borrower and lender accounts.

It’s not much different from typical Sharia fintech services. The platform also accepts financing to help all Indonesian MSMEs through financial means. Buyer financing and long-term loans for working capital Of course, this online marketplace platform is government regulated and registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Make sure you know the pros and cons of Investree if you are interested in this platform.

Ammana was established in 2018 as a company. Sharia-based P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Lending with a non-direct fundraising system The owner of the MSME is also a member of the Ammana Micro Islamic Finance Alliance. These alliances will later serve as the institution designated to oversee the feasibility of MSME business in Indonesia.

Ammana is aimed at MSME business actors as a bridge between those who need capital and those who lend it. Of course, this still pertains to MSME business actors. They can apply for funding programs in Ammana.

The features of this online sharia fintech platform are P2P Funding and Fast Sharia Financing (PESAT). Ammana has successfully entered government oversight and is registered with the Indonesian sharia fintech at OJK.

Like the previous one, this fintech also organizes fundraising projects for SMEs and real estate projects on a Sharia P2P basis. There are also funding options that occur in the community of donors (funding).

If you want to participate Fund owners will receive a fair share of the funding results to be distributed among the borrowers or fund recipients. That said, this platform is a bridge between donors and recipients.

Ethis was founded in 2016 and is registered and licensed under the supervision of OJK and government authorities in the sharia fintech sector. SMEs especially

Offered as a P2P fundraising platform that connects donors and recipients to build a business, Kapital Boost was founded in 2017 in Singapore and has been operating in Indonesia since 2019. The platform provides fundraising and sourcing features. Funding according to Islamic principles

The goal of this fintech is to help UKM players who need capital but don’t have access to bank loans. Hence, the services on this platform can be used as a solution for SMEs that need funding. Then, all funded SMEs go through an in-depth analysis process with their credit score credibility.

Profit share earned up to 22% per annum thanks to a legal and transparent process. Any funds made through swift processes are free of interest. Free from transactions prohibited by Islamic law. and is officially registered and directly supervised by OJK and DSN MUI.

In addition, Papitupi Syariah is one of the Sharia fintechs in the country that are active in providing Sharia financial solutions. Starting from production needs to consumption needs.

In addition to that, users of the platform can fund anyone offering financing. This applies to individuals or entities wishing to engage in the provision of financial services at PAPITUPI Syariah through Sharia-based financial investments.

This fintech company was founded in 2019 and operates in Jakarta. Each employee can apply for loans ranging from IDR 1,000,000 to IDR 50,000,000. Of course, the service is registered under government supervision in fintech, OJK and DSN MUI.

Like other Sharia-based fintechs, Qazwa exists as a company that connects business people with the individuals or institutions that fund them. The company was founded in 2018 and has been officially registered under the supervision of OJK since 2019.

Qazwa offers financing features for micro-enterprise funders through technology which of course adheres to the principles of Islamic values. meanwhile The loan application feature can be used by business people who need capital. but cannot access bank loans

There are many types of capital that can be funded such as real estate companies. and businesses related to gold assets for business people They can apply for a loan of up to 2 billion rupiah with a tenure of 12 months and a gross margin of 1.25% per month.

Established in 2019 and registered with OJK and MUI in 2020, ALAMI Sharia operates as a Peer to Peer (P2P) crowdfunding platform based on Islamic principles. The company also launched an application which can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and the App Store.

This Sharia fintech offers a number of services such as fundraising, fund recipients. P2P Lending Invoice Finance, Order Financing and Community Funding The company has successfully won numerous national and international awards. and disbursed more than trillions of rupiah by keeping the TKB 90 level (payment success rate within 90 days of maturity) reaching one hundred percent.

Being one of the Sharia fintechs focused on helping borrowers develop businesses and businesses in the real estate sector such as building houses, infrastructure. and the purchase of land or land

There are two service features in Dana Syariah fintech such as financing and requesting payment for housing and construction sectors. Additionally, another feature available is fundraising. In addition to financial-related services, Dana Syariah helps these fintech users calculate Zakat and provides recommendations for distribution to the appropriate parties.

A juristic person established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. and has been licensed and regulated by OJK since 2021 as a Sharia-compliant financial services organizer. Engage in fintech as a bridge between financiers and fund recipients. It also depends on the financial contract and on DSN-MUI requirements.

This service from fintech Duha Syariah provides financial services to individuals, institutions and companies based on Syariah principles. and corresponds to basic purchases of goods/services and invoices as a basis for applying for a loan The company’s financial features and products include purchase financing and invoice financing.

Finally, a sharia fintech operating in Indonesia and registered under the supervision of OJK is Bsalam or PT Maslahat Indonesia Mandiri Fintech, which focuses on financing the Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage sector. The form of the market and was established in 2018, so it has been a long time for this market to provide financial services for the organizers of the Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage.

by nature of service which is the central market Every loan successfully verified on the platform is funded by a large number of funders (lenders). In fact, if the money collected is more than 50%, it is ready to be distributed to the parties requesting the loan.

The minimum fee is IDR 3,000,000 for the lender or the fee with age set by this company. Subsequently, companies in the Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage sector must reserve seats and accommodation 2-6 months in advance of departure. Therefore, submission of fees or funds will be received 1 week or 1 month before departure.

Here is a list of sharia fintech operating in Indonesia. You can try one of these fintech services. Make sure to check periodically. whether the company is listed under the supervision of OJK or not


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