Akulaku is the most popular online loan service in Indonesia. even as a result of its popularity. So many irresponsible people create illegal versions of the Akulaku app. This, of course, is extremely detrimental to the community. Especially those who are new to credit and are tempted by many attractive offers.

Everyone must know the fraudulent nature of Akulaku so that no one else will be duped by using the app. The impact is not only dispersing personal data. But the material damage caused was quite large as well.

Don’t get caught in the trap! Here are the characteristics of Akulaku fraud that must be known.

About Akulaku at a glance

i am one The best online loan provider application. which can be used without a credit card and without collateral This financial platform established since 2014 is available in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The goal is to meet the daily financial needs of users. The process of applying for a loan is easy with low interest rates. Just have your ID card and you can apply for a loan online.

Despite having many amenities Akulaku safe to use It is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), so you don’t have to worry when applying for a loan. Especially if the credit limit can reach 15 million rupiah.

Characteristics of Akulaku Scam

Akulaku’s popularity as an online credit app makes it easy for anyone to shop using the installment payment system. It has been forged by an irresponsible person on behalf of Akulaku. This really creates a problem for the community due to its dire consequences.

Don’t be duped and tempted to apply for a loan. Here’s what Akulaku fraud looks like!

1. The loan process is too easy.

The first aspect of Akulaku’s fraud is that the loan process is too simple. in fact when applying for a loan Any application maintained by OJK will first verify information such as an identity card. Photos of yourself, etc., unlike illegal applications that only ask you to upload personal information. Then the application will be approved immediately.

The credit approval process is too easy to be careful with. Usually, the Akulaku app requires a few minutes or even a day to verify the data. and have to go through several verification steps So I can’t just agree.

2. 0% interest on loan

The highlight of Akulaku’s fraud over WA is often luring 0% interest on loans. In fact, the only legal filing loan interest is 2.6% per month for installments, then 0% for 30 days.

Fake Akulaku apps often have non-transparent interest rates. It provides attractive information saying that users will not be charged monthly interest rate or 0%. This is not good news. It is a nightmare because users are actually charged huge fees and huge loan amount exceeded.

Akulaku also provides a calculator to calculate loan simulations on the platform. so that users can estimate the amount of credit details before applying

3. The fee charged is not transparent.

any fees The charges for illegal subscriptions are not transparent at all. This means that the user will not be provided with details about certain fees that must be paid. Starting from interest rates, administration, etc., then eventually you have to pay a very small amount as required by the loan fraud application provider.

As a result, fraudsters can carry out terrorist acts and collect installment payments to borrowers as needed. Unlike the original Akulaku, which definitely has a credit simulation calculator. So you can know the details of expenses transparently.

4. His office address is questionable.

Another highlight of Akulaku’s fraud is its focus on the office addresses listed on the platform. If the address is unclear or suspicious It’s clearly a fraudulent online loan.

The single address for Akulaku’s headquarters is at Sahid Sudirman Center on Jl. Gen. Sudirman Kauf 86 Karet Tengsin, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. In addition to the aforementioned address It has also been confirmed as a fraud. Especially if the location is in a small shop house, apartment, and other obscure address.

In addition to the office address The address of the store displayed on the platform is unclear. when you transact there The ordered product will not arrive due to non-delivery. You can search directly through Google Maps.

5. Rude and unethical collection methods

like debt collection Smart credit that comes to the house collects unpaid installments. debt collection Akulaku will not use violence to collect. They work according to the company’s SOP (after 2 months in arrears), even wear formal clothing and will not treat borrowers harshly or even threaten them.

While the nature of Akulaku’s fraud debt collection when placing bills at home will treat the debtor with violence, even threats

6. No complaint service

Another is that the illegal Akulaku application does not have customer complaints service. As a result, application users are unable to make complaints or request assistance from the platform when something happens because the application is not available. Customer service.

broken customer service to borrow money illegally, that is, so that their whereabouts cannot be traced. Information to note that the original Akulaku has only contacted complaints on the number 1500920.

7. Request access to all personal data on smartphone

All legal borrowing applications will certainly ask for permission to access the camera, microphone, and contacts. But it’s not just to verify users. Because it will never ask for sensitive personal information. you have to be careful Because illegally borrowing will definitely ask for unauthorized access to sensitive data such as mobile contacts, galleries, and so on.

Illegal Pinjol requests personal and sensitive information without the permission of the HP owner, so the consequences are quite serious. The impact includes threatening all contacts on the user’s mobile phone. Dissemination of personal information as well as other personal information

8. Always offer a lure of attractive prizes and low prices.

Don’t be fooled if there are loans on behalf of Akulaku that offer the temptation of rewards, cash and low-priced merchandise! Of course that includes fraud.

Akulaku will certainly not offer attractive rewards in the form of . link Let alone get it through WhatsApp because link It is only available in the official application. Not available on website, SMS or WhatsApp.

Akulaku reward scams happen quite often. Although there are many ordinary people who are easily seduced by this offer, please note that Akulaku never asks anyone to click. link This includes compulsory registration outside official apps and platforms.

How to deal with Akulaku scams

Everyone should be aware of Akulaku’s fraud through WA, SMS or unofficial websites. Because the impact can be very dangerous if already trapped in it. don’t get trapped Here’s how to deal with Akulaku’s cheats!

1. Contact call center Official Akulaku

If you are in doubt because you have seen Akulaku gift fraud or have a party offering credit on behalf of the application by email. link On WA or SMS, report to .immediately. call center Akulaku’s official website at 1500920, after that the illegal loan will be tracked and blocked by the official application.

2. Make sure all company information is correct.

The most important way to deal with Akulaku’s fraud before getting into further traps is to make sure that all information provided is accurate. Check details starting from the office address. Phone number, email, etc.

3. Report to OJK

Are you facing Akulaku Bounty Scam? Report to OJK immediately for immediate action! If you have reported to OJK, the illegal loan will be tracked and blocked so that it can no longer be processed.

4. Escape from illegal borrowing

Another way to deal with illegal lending on behalf of Akulaku is to escape. escape from illegal borrowing Sounds bad because it’s like throwing away the responsibility of paying debts, but if debt collection A person who is violently intimidating should flee immediately, for example, moving house, confiscation of valuables. and change mobile number

Keep in mind that illegal borrowing is not registered with OJK, so even if they threaten the police or warn you about your bad credit history. You don’t have to worry because your information will not be entered into your account. blacklist About BI Checking or OJK SLIK

How to avoid Akulaku fraud

Do not want to engage in illegal lending? This is Akulaku’s way of avoiding fraud.

1. Don’t be easily tempted by offering a 0% interest loan from Akulaku.

For information, Akulaku never offers loans with 0% interest outside the application. If someone offers via WhatsApp on behalf of the application This is suspicious and you should not click on it. link is on the list

2. Change password

If you have an Akulaku account, be sure to change your password periodically. This is to prevent user data in the application from being easily hacked by irresponsible persons.

3. Don’t click easily. link wonder

It is proposed to download the Akulaku application through link Let alone the lure of a prize? This Akulaku Reward Scam Is Plenty, Don’t Click link outside the official application because it is definitely a scam

what will happen if link was clicked. All of your information will be taken by non-responsible parties. Also, be careful if you come across a questionable website. You shouldn’t take the time to open it.

4. Check before installing the app.

The original Akulaku application is only available in . app store and Google Play Store. Do not download it because it is absolutely fake.

If you find it outside the App Store and Google Play (eg in Google search), you should check if it’s genuine. Check the official website Office Address No. notification center, and others.

Internet users must keep an eye on the nature of the Akulaku scam, especially those who wish to apply for loans online. Don’t be trapped, the consequences are serious!

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