Online loans or loans are a solution for getting money fast when you are in a rush. Most people prefer to apply for unsecured loans or credit cards online. because it can be considered more practical and the requirements are not difficult

Akulaku is the best online loan application without credit card and without any collateral. The disbursement process is also quick with relatively light interest rates. This is very useful for anyone who needs urgent money in a desperate situation. Here’s how to borrow at Akulaku and interest. It’s a simple process!

Is Akulaku Loan Safe?

Akulaku is The best online loan application It is registered and regulated by OJK (Financial Services Authority), so it is safe to use. Akulaku loan No collateral or credit card required during the process. This makes it easy for anyone who needs quick funding but has no collateral. Not to mention credit cards.

Akulaku online loans are safe and legal because they are supervised by OJK so there is no need to worry when applying for a loan. Just having a national ID card can apply for a loan in the form of cash withdrawn directly into your account or credit for purchases. Akulaku loan size adjusts each user’s credit limit with a maximum limit size of IDR 15,000,000 per account.

Akulaku Interest, Fees and Tenure

In the Akulaku application, the process of applying for a loan to repay is simple and flexible. although the interest expenses are relatively light Akulaku’s interest rate is only 2.6% per month. If you use a 30-day period or pay directly next month You will not be charged any interest, this is only for loans up to IDR 1,000,000.

interesting again Akulaku Online Loans Flexible, can choose to pay according to the individual’s ability, from 1 month to 12 months. New users usually receive credit limits ranging from IDR 300,000 to IDR 500,000 and up to IDR 15,000,000 per account.

The management fee when borrowing money at Akulaku is 6% of the total loan amount submitted. For example, if a user borrows IDR 5,000,000 from the Akulaku application, they only need to pay a management fee of IDR 300,000. Therefore, the loan amount is not IDR 5,000,000 but It is IDR 4,700,000 as these additional charges have been deducted.

If the user pays the bill late not only that debt collector to come to the house to collect the bill But still have to pay a fine The interest penalty Akulaku charges is 2% when the user pays a late payment within 7 days, then increases to 10% if a month late. Users will not be penalized for late payments within 1-6 days.

Types of Akulaku Loans

Akulaku is a fairly flexible online lending platform and makes it easy for users to apply for loans and loan funds. Obviously, there are two types of Akulaku loans you can choose from depending on your needs: KTA AsetKU and Installment Fund.

Both the KTA AsetKU fund and the Cicil fund have similar profits, but have different terms and limits. Read more about the types of Akulaku loans below.

1. KTA AsetKU

The first type of Akulaku loan is KTA AsetKU, which is an unsecured or collateralized loan that provides small amounts of funds, i.e. IDR 500,000 to a maximum of IDR 3,000,000. Payment terms for AsetKU KTA are quite variable and can be adjusted from 15. days, 22 days and 30 days with interest rates of 0.20%, 3% and 4.34%.

KTA AsetKU is the best choice if you want to borrow only a small amount from Akulaku. See the Akulaku KTA AsetKU loan schedule below for an example of installments and interest.

Details of the loan schedule Akulaku KTA AsetKU tenor 15 days and interest 0.20%

loan amount Interest and other fees Total amount to be paid
600,000 Indian Rupees 78,000 INR IDR 678,000
1,200,000 Indian Rupees IDR 156,000 1,356,000 Indian Rupees
1,500,000 Indian Rupees IDR 198,000 1,698,000 Indian Rupees

Details of the loan schedule Akulaku KTA AsetKU with a maturity of 22 days and 3% interest.

loan amount Interest and other fees Total amount to be paid
600,000 Indian Rupees IDR 111,000 711,000 INR
1,200,000 Indian Rupees 222,000 INR 1,422,000 Indian Rupees
1,500,000 Indian Rupees 280,000 INR 1,780,000 Indian Rupees

Details of the loan schedule Akulaku KTA AsetKU, maturity 30 days and interest 4.34%

loan amount Interest and other fees Total amount to be paid
600,000 Indian Rupees IDR 120,000 720,000 Indian Rupees
1,200,000 Indian Rupees IDR 240,000 1,440,000 Indian Rupees
1,500,000 Indian Rupees 300,000 Indian Rupees 1,800,000 Indian Rupees

2. Installment payments

Another type of Akulaku loan is Cicil Fund which has a larger loan amount than AsetKU KTA. No collateral required. credit card not counted Installment up to 12 months

Akulaku Dana Cicil line of credit can be up to IDR 15,000,000 per account with a fixed interest of 2.6% per month. In addition, the management fee charged is only 5% of the total loan. The following details the Akulaku loan schedule for installment fund types.

The following is an example of a table. If you choose installment fund period of 2 months:

loan amount admin fee Interest rate per month Total amount to be paid
2,000,000 Indian Rupees 100,000 Indian Rupees 52,000 Indian Rupees 2,104,000 INR
1,000,000 Indian Rupees 50,000 Indian Rupees IDR 26,000 1,052,000 Indian Rupees
1,500,000 Indian Rupees 75,000 INR IDR 39,000 1,578,000 Indian Rupees

Please note that in installment funds The loan amount to be received will be reduced according to administrative expenses. For example, if you borrow Rp. 2,000,000, the money received is Rp. 1,550,000, etc.

How to borrow at Akulaku and terms

At Akulaku, payouts are pretty fast. It took less than a day for the money to be credited to the account. This is why applying for a loan online is so popular, it’s quick, easy and practical.

Do you need funds for urgent needs? Here’s how to borrow at Akulaku, along with the conditions that must be met.

Loan terms at Akulaku

Akulaku online loans to be approved must meet predefined requirements for easy approval. Here are the conditions for borrowing from Akulaku, it’s not difficult as long as there is a steady monthly income!

  • Downloaded and registered in the Akulaku application.
  • Legal age (minimum 23 years) proven by the original KTP.
  • Active mobile number and email address
  • bank account
  • Multiple alternative contacts of your loved ones.
  • Attach the latest income statement or salary slip (last 3 months).
  • Domiciled in Akulaku coverage area: West Java, Greater Jakarta, Banten, Jakarta, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, West Sumatra, North Sumatra and South Sumatra.
  • Attach NPWP or current account (for business owners only)

For information, before you apply for a loan from Akulaku, you must meet the requirements mentioned above. One of them is domiciled in the Akulaku coverage area. The goal is to facilitate billing if you pay your installments two months late.

How to borrow at Akulaku

Do you meet the credit/loan requirements at Akulaku? Here’s how to borrow from Akulaku, respectively.

  1. Log in to the Akulaku application if you’re already registered. Select ‘Submit Loan’.
  2. An e-form that needs to be filled out will be displayed, so fill out all requested information correctly and completely. Starting from personal information according to your KTP, selfie with your KTP, salary information, mobile number, active email. to the reserve list for close people
  3. Once the personal information is completely correct and complete, then submit the information for the system to process immediately.
  4. Waiting for the verification process The verification process will take several hours.
  5. If the application is approved Notifications will be displayed via email and application.
  6. Funds are paid directly to the bank account.

The loan method at Akulaku is quite simple as you only need a KTP when applying. It sounds simple, but use it wisely and make sure you can pay off the installments within the specified time period to avoid penalties.

In addition to attractive credit lines Beware of scammers on behalf of Akulaku. Don’t be easily deceived. If you receive an interest-free credit offer But tells you to download the application outside the Play Store or App Store.


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