Lazada is one of those ecommerce features too. payer Also known for its “buy now, pay later” slogan via Lazada PayLater feature. This way, users can easily shop even if they have no money now. because they can pay in installments within the specified period The registration method is very easy. You just need a document in the form of an ID card to activate the service.

How to use Lazada PayLater Quite simply because it is not much different from other payment systems. Interested in trying it out, especially when you’re in a rush to meet your needs? Check out how to register for Lazada Paylat below.

Terms of activation of Lazada PayLater

How to register for Lazada PayLater The conditions are very simple as you only need your ID card and your photo. No need for complicated files or credit cards. The existence of this convenience makes many people try to enjoy its features. In addition, there is often a lot of benefit when using it. payer For example, the opportunity to receive free shipping, discounted prices, and more.

Interested in enjoying the app’s “buy now, pay later” feature? Lazada For easy online shopping?

This is the condition payer Must see Lazada:

  • Original ID card and registered in the Lazada application
  • Selfies and selfies with ID
  • Mobile number activated and registered with Lazada.
  • Be a user selected by Lazada.

Still, how to get Lazada PayLater Not everyone can do this because only selected Lazada users can enable the feature, don’t worry, the feature can be created in multiple ways. payer appear in your account The trick is to make frequent transactions. (Shop or pay bills) through the Lazada application. Then try checking the My Account menu section.

To consider enabling this service You must have an identity card. Therefore, users should be at least 17 years old and have their own ID card. (Not belonging to parents or other people) because later requires data in the form of uploading a selfie photo with an identity card.

How to enable Lazada PayLater

Have you prepared all the requirements required to register with Lazada PayLater? Next, register yourself to enjoy online shopping services with payment methods. payer at. Follow the steps below!

  1. Make sure to install the Lazada application and use it for transactions.
  2. Log in to the Lazada application, then go to the account menu. In the menu, select Lazada Credit. then activate immediately so that you can open the limit
  3. Read the terms and conditions first. then mark Click Activate now.
  4. Next, enter your active mobile number and connect to the Lazada application to receive an OTP code. Don’t tell anyone this code. Even the closest people!
  5. Fill out personal information as per your ID card.
  6. Upload a clear photo of your ID card. And upload a selfie with your ID in a well-lit room.
  7. send Submit the document to try to check if it’s wrong or not when input Personal information.
  8. Done. Pending. review Documents from Lazada When the application is approved You will be notified through a notification message from the ecommerce application.

process review send payer Lazada for each person is always different. But it generally happens very quickly, taking only 1 x 24 hours. payer activated The first limit to receive is Rp. 2,500,000 (already available when you first register).

Lazada PayLater included application payer the best without credit card You just need to find the product you need. Do it. check out, Choose a payment method payer and choose the repayment period according to your ability

Lazada Paylater Shipping Approval Tips

Lazada has a buy now pay later feature for some users. so that they can make purchases when they are in a rush and don’t have enough money to pay. as well as debt But the number of age periods and penalties are set if delayed.

Some users may experience rejection when submitting. payer Lazada. Write these down for Lazada PayLater to be approved.

1. Make sure the account is verified.

The first thing to note is to make sure your Lazada account is verified by the system. So that you can enjoy the online shopping debt feature. The trick is to verify an active email address or mobile phone number in the account menu.

After that, the system will send an OTP which must be confirmed by the user. Do not share the code with anyone so that irresponsible persons may misuse it.

2. Upload documents and photos clearly.

Application process payer Not approved from the system? Usually, a notification will tell you what is preventing the submission from being approved by Lazada. One of which is uploaded documents and photos that are unclear, blurry, or perhaps less accurate.

Therefore, when uploading the document, it must be clear, well lit, and in focus to avoid blur. It’s a good idea to look at your uploaded documents and photos again. to make sure the picture is good

3. Blink when you want to take a selfie.

you read correctly Blink is one way of the system. payer Lazada has detected that the user submitted is not a robot or is wearing a mask. You can flash the camera in the app before taking a selfie.

Again, try to shoot in good light and not dark. Avoid taking selfies or selfies at night in low light. Try a helper flash or a brighter light such as white light

4. Make sure the mobile number is active.

For the Lazada PayLater application to be approved Make sure that the mobile number used for sending is activated and connected to your Lazada account. This is useful so that the system can send an OTP and verify the authenticity of your information when sending.

What if the numbers change? Change first in the account menu. Try to keep your mobile number to make the transmission process easier. payer

for more information You should use your own number. not someone else’s This is for the purpose of avoiding any inconvenience to others in the future. The data verification process will be faster.

In addition to the mobile phone number Active email is important too. An email address used to notify users that the application payer Approved or not by Lazada

5. Fill in your personal information correctly.

when sending payer Let the user fill in personal information as specified in the ID card, which is KTP. Therefore, the user should be at least 17 or 18 years old and already have an ID card.

Do not use someone else’s ID card because later you will be asked to take a selfie with your ID. Using someone else’s ID card as an application file will make it difficult for yourself and others. because you are involved Especially when you pay off debt on online purchases in the late application.

Fill in the data entry form correctly and without any glitches. If necessary, double-check to make sure all fields are filled in correctly and without errors. whether it’s letters/numbers or typo

very easy, right How to get Lazada PayLater? Use the smartest online shopping debt feature. Make sure to pay on time so you don’t get fined.


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