Previously, it was reported that Google Hangouts Will Make Permanent Transition to Google Chat starting in November 2022, and regarding that, Google recently returned announce This means that they will begin a complete shift from Hangouts to Chat starting November 1, 2022.

With this switch, Google Chat will become an app default for SMS and all Hangouts services will begin to switch to Google Chat no later than November 1, 2022.

According to Google, more information about data export and change vault will be sent via Email to the Admin, although most of the data will be exported automatically to Google Chat, some data may still be left behind, and Google will notify the user when there is one of the data that may be left behind and cannot be exported.

So with this, for you Google Hangouts users, you might have to get ready for the transition from this service to Google Chat, because starting November 1, 2022, all Hangout services will be switched to Chat, including sites, extensions, applications and more.

What do you think? are you a Google Hangout user? comment below guys.

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