Smart Credit is an online loan application that can be used without a credit card. So anyone who meets the requirements can use it. This app is supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), so it ensures a secured and not an illegal loan.

Despite providing a lot of ease of use but if the payment is late Not just the fines charged from debtors only. debt collection (D.C.) will come home to collect loans and penalties, so if you don’t want this to happen. You should pay before the due date.

Worried about not being able to pay off your loan and confused what to do? See how to deal with debt collection Smart Credits that keep coming home so they don’t come again.

Is Smart Credit Debt Collector going home?

Smart Credit is an online loan application that will visit a debtor’s home if the debtor owes his bills. Before coming to the house party debt collection will be contacted through the telephone number that the debtor uses as emergency contact information (friends, colleagues, or family)

Even if the DC party goes directly to your house to collect debts. You don’t need to panic because they have to be formally assigned by Kredit Pintar. They will charge a procedural loan or SOP from the company, one of which is nonviolent against the debtor.

In addition to contacting family members or the nearest person who uses their mobile phone number as an emergency loan contact person, DC They will also visit your workplace or business location. This was done to ensure when the debtor was able to repay the loan.

Typically, DCs don’t just go to debtors to collect debts or loans. They’ll contact first to be sure and warn of overdue or unpaid credit. If DC comes home, there’s no need to panic or try to run from Pinjole. Just face it and give it confidence.

Reasons Smart Debt Collectors Come Home

has been described previously. debt collection Smart credit arrives at home because the debtor is late or overdue the bill. They didn’t come directly to their home address or business location. But call to remind them that payment must be made immediately.

reason debt collection Krit Pintar came to the house because the debtor came late to pay the debt according to the company’s procedures, that is, it would only come from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Debtors have the right to question the validity of DC’s arrival, whether formally from Krit Pintar or not.

Typically, DC collects debts directly to the address. If the debtor’s payment is delayed for 3 months or 90 days, but if there is no outstanding debt or the debt has been paid in full, but debt collection Visit the house and inform the SAO for immediate action.

How to deal with Smart Credit Debt Collectors coming home

arrival debt collection Smart home loans can be alarming. So many people choose to run away from credit instead of dealing with it.. In fact, this method is wrong and unwise. The tips below are included. Tips for dealing with debt collectors who come home.

Panicked and uncomfortable because you don’t know what to do? know how to cope debt collection Smart credit that comes into the house to prevent it from coming back.

1. Calm down. Welcome.

Many panicked and uneasy when contacted by DC pinjol, including Kredit Pintar, who has assigned employees. debt collection to collect loans directly to the debtor’s address as much as possible They avoided direct contact with DC, although this was a mistake due to late loan payments.

If this happens as an overdue party, be patient. DC is welcome to visit the house. There’s no need to think about fleeing Pinjole. In fact, this will cause new problems in the future.

2. Make sure debt collection Official from Smart Credit

how to cope debt collection The next smart home credit is to make sure they’re definitely officially assigned by the company before they arrive at their home address. Usually they will contact you through your number first. Then remind them of the emergency number displayed when you initially applied for a loan online.

When meeting in front of DC, Kredit Pintar, dressed in neat and formal clothes, collects his loan payments online using polite language. They make a formal charge to their home address if the loan is overdue for 90 days, arriving between 8 AM and 8 PM on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

Therefore, the debtor is obliged to insure that debt collection Regardless of whether they are officially assigned by the company or not. You can do this by obtaining an identification card from the company. They will definitely introduce themselves by their real names.

3. State the exact reason that you are still unable to pay.

When the bills are outstanding because they cannot be paid. Some choose to flee for fear of being charged. Debt collector. In fact, it is much better to deal with the situation while stating possible reasons.

Escaping from an online loan can make r. worse.History and credit score at SLIK (Financial information service system) As a result, when you apply for another loan with the bank or elsewhere later the process will be complicated

If you’re one of those people who can’t afford to pay off Smart Credit online loans, just face it. Honesty about why you haven’t been able to pay off your loan so far.

Give a reasonable reason for the DC to be acceptable. Then reassure them about when you can pay all your bills, including interest penalties, if necessary. Try to negotiate so that you can have a small waiver or waiver to pay off.

4. Report to OJK if debt collection act of violence

afraid debt collection causing violence? Don’t worry, DC Kredit Pintar follows the company’s procedures, namely not using violence against its debtors.

If acts of violence immediately Report to OJK to act immediately The billing process remains humane, there is no threat of information dissemination, let alone insults or harsh practices, simply because credit is smart. Best Online Loan Application Supervised by OJK

Tips to avoid debt collection What comes home is to pay off the entire loan before it’s due. Paying on time also aims to prevent debtors from being charged daily accrued interest.

Don’t even think of escaping from outstanding debts. Escaping is an irresponsible attitude. This attitude will affect the credit history recorded in OJK SLIK.


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