Payment methods using Shopee PayLater are widely chosen. Because the process is fast, easy and there are many bonuses. So when you want to buy some items through the Shopee app, it’s very easy. You can pay later or in installments before the due date. This convenience is the advantage of SPayLater service with its trademark slogan ‘buy now, pay later’.

pass serve payer from ShopeeIn fact, you can purchase any item within the specified limit for free. As long as you can pay the fee before the due date. But have you ever thought about withdrawing money through the installment feature? We explain how to dissolve payer money has power

Can Shopee PayLater withdraw to my bank account?

Shopee PayLater is typically used to pay for groceries in installments. to be able to pay in the next month or before the due date This convenience has made many people flock to this attractive feature to make purchases. but not enough money

Can Shopee PayLater withdraw? Unfortunately, Shopee PayLater can’t actually be disbursed directly to the account. due to its nature as a payment method It’s not a loan like in the system. Borrow Shopee (Sor.Bor.). How to unfreeze. payer There is a special way in the account, namely by buying and selling products or through third parties.

How to unfreeze payer You can do this with a bank account from Shopee if you follow the tutorial in the next section. Later, the steps and things to be prepared will be explained in detail to make the process easier. However, try to use the money only for urgent needs.

Although the method is the same as paying for groceries through regular SPayLater, you must be able to pay in installments or invoices before the due date. If you can’t The resulting risk will be fined up to 5% of the total purchase. Limitation of vouchers and promotions to suspend your account from Shopee

How to withdraw Shopee PayLater money to bank account

SPayLater withdrawal methods to an account are not as easy as how to transfer ShopeePay to a digital wallet or bank account. Although this method is not easy. But you can try to be careful so that the money can come in without being suspected by the system.

The methods below are for educational purposes only. Investbro will not be liable for any losses. To use this method

See the dissolution tutorial. payer So the following money

1. Set up two accounts and a smartphone.

The first thing to do is to dissolve. payer Therefore, money creates two accounts as buyer and seller. However, two smartphones should be prepared so that fraud is not easily detected by Shopee.

Similarly for accounts for disbursement purposes. It’s better to use another account. because if the bank account is the same account may be suspected of fraud resulting in suspension

you have to say Use Shopee PayLater to proceed to the next step.

Set up a seller’s account such as selling real goods, especially digital goods, so that additional shipping is not required. For example, a game recharge service. and other types of services who do not want tangible products

2. Log in to the buyer’s premium account to make purchases.

Next, login to the buyer’s premium account to make purchases. Find the merchant account you created. Search for products as usual as you would when shopping online. Then add the selected products to the cart.

When adding a product to the cart Try not to deal with registered seller information. You can try a different address, such as a relative, friend, or anyone, as long as you both agree.

If you have reached this step Click Confirm Order. Change your payment method to Shopee PayLater. Done, wait for the confirmation of the order and send it by the seller’s special account.

3. Log in to your merchant account to confirm your purchase.

Next step, login to the seller’s exclusive Shopee account. Then proceed to confirm the incoming order. When? sign in to switch accounts Try not to be too quick or hasty as Shopee may suspect this action.

If you pay Shopee PayLater using another device no need to go back and forth sign in and Log out. Because when an order comes in, it can be confirmed without having to go anywhere first.

4. Regular conversation between buyer and seller

This is really optional, so you can, but if not, that’s fine. Perhaps this method can be quite difficult if you are not using another device to act as a buyer or seller. Because you only use one device to perform these two different roles.

5. Send digital orders

As a seller, the next step is to submit the entered order. Do it normally so it doesn’t look suspicious. Enable free shipping feature too. This is because orders are delivered in the form of digital or non-physical products.

6. Send a message on Shopee live to confirm receipt of purchase order from buyer.

If the order has been sent to the buyer’s account Send a message to Shopee Live Chat to confirm that the order has arrived at the buyer’s hand. Shopee will typically respond to messages as quickly as possible.

The purpose of sending messages via Shopee Live Chat is to confirm that the purchaser has received the order. and ask the buyer to rate the product received Usually this method is done if seller sell digital products such as services

7. Done and wait for the money to pay.

Done. The order has been confirmed by the buyer’s account. Give a gift. Rating like shopping in the market After that, log back into your account. seller and wait for the money to be withdrawn to ShopeePay

Funds in ShopeePay can be withdrawn to a bank account, however, the buyer’s account will still be required to pay the amount paid via Shopee PayLater before the due date.

Tips for Paying Shopee PayLater to Bank Account

already know how to pay payer To the bank account after reading the tutorial above? We provide instructions to make Shopee PayLater withdraw easily.

1. Buy and sell products by yourself

As explained in the previous article, how to liquidate the business payer So money can’t really be made. It has to go through another party, that is, create two accounts as buyer and seller. But it can be used on two devices.

The method is to buy and sell custom products (such as the tutorial described earlier), so you must display them in your account. seller and buy products by sign in account Buyer Select payment method Shopee PayLater

2. Withdraw money through top-up service

Don’t have two devices or two Shopee accounts? Try withdrawing money from SPayLater through top-up services like OVO, GoPay, etc. The method is the same as the tutorial above. But the difference is that you actually transact with the seller, not with yourself.

Try searching for an e-wallet recharge service in Shopee that uses the SPayLater payment method, then proceed as normal until the balance reaches the e-wallet. want to activate payer as a payment method

3. Don’t rush or rush.

Using two different accounts? should be more careful when sign in and log out Account, do not rush! If it’s too soon, Shopee can really be suspicious. then will be really banned youprohibit.

4. Use an account with a different name.

This is the most important thing. When the withdrawal process You should use a different bank account. Because if the accounts are the same, Shopee can detect suspicious behavior and be exposed. prohibit.

The solution is to try borrowing someone else’s. It is also possible if you use an e-wallet account with a different number than the one registered in Shopee. seller

That’s how to withdraw money from Shopee PayLater to your bank account. Be careful when applying Make sure you still pay before the due date. and do not use it irresponsibly.

Don’t have an account yet? payer Shopping? learn How to enable SPayLater The first time and how to use it


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